We are continuously flooded with logos, approximately 16,000 per day. Look around your computer screen and observe for yourself how many logos are surrounding you. Clearly, they are very important. They are what tie the consumer to the brand. When we say McDonald’s, we automatically think of those famous golden arches. When we say NBC, our minds travel directly to the colorful peacock. What aspects allowed our recollective memory to pinpoint these symbols? What features contributed to those logos reaching stardom? Here are five ways to a successful logo design.
1. Compatibility on every platform. Think about where the logo will be seen. Is it going to be put up on a billboard? Will it be printed in newspapers? Can the logo be fully grasped in the few seconds a driver will see it passing by? Is it going to look clear in a newspaper or more like an ink blot? Versatility is the key and will allow the company to place the logo in the desired locations without jeopardizing the brand.
 2. Mindful aesthetics. Be aware of color, font and images. Make sure they represent your company properly. Take a look at the sample below that the Different Perspective creative team put together.

logo design Orlando
logo design

Notice how the two types of fonts give the audience a completely different perception of the company.  The upper font gives the impression that this company means serious business whereas the bottom font looks lighthearted and childish. The same rule applies to colors and images. If vibrant colors were used, its credibility as a legitimate defense system would severely decrease.
3. Timelessness. What makes a logo timeless? That’s a tough question to answer because nobody really knows until 50 years down the road. A good tip in the right direction would be to stay away from trends. As we all know, trends come and go and that should be the opposite of what a company is trying to accomplish when designing a logo.
4. Memorableness. It’s not enough that a logo has to be timeless; it has to be memorable as well. What’s the point of having a forever lasting logo if nobody remembers the company behind it? Simplicity and relevance play a crucial role in this aspect. Take a look at the logo below.

literal logo

None of the images, the electrocardiogram, stethoscope or the Red Cross, symbolize computers. This will undoubtedly confuse its audience about the services they provide or they will instantly forget the logo once the service is completed because they won’t relate medical icons to computers dilemmas.
5. Professionalism. Consumers can tell if the Average Joe makes a logo utilizing the clip art and WordArt provided by Microsoft Word or if it’s professionally done by an actual creative agency. Some things are better left to the professionals. They have access to more advanced software, the experience of knowing what works and the talent to take a company’s ideas and needs and create something tangible.
With a logo that harnesses all of these qualities, a business can successfully plan a full campaign and print cohesive materials to capture and, more importantly, retain their target audience. Different Perspective has proudly worked with many companies across various industries to create their logos. For some examples of original, well-produced logos, see these cases studies on our work page: Santoni Law PA, Futur and 5 Gastronomy.
Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your logo design and branding needs. We are an advertising agency in Orlando focused in logo & marketing materials creation and web design & development.

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