Here’s why your business needs to know the B2B content marketing funnel

Here’s why your business needs to know the B2B content marketing funnel

Learn how the funnel can boost brand awareness and increase conversion rates 

Every business owner must understand that marketing is an ongoing process intended to attract, maintain, and increase conversion rates—a process known as the marketing funnel.

Whether you have an in-house or outsourced marketing team, it’s essential to understand the goals and initiatives needed in order to build your business’s brand awareness to meet the needs of your current and prospective clients. 

Continue reading to learn all that you need to know about the B2B content marketing funnel as a business owner or key decision-maker.

What is the B2B content marketing funnel?

Any content created and intended to market your services or product goes through the funnel process. The overall journey that your client will take consists of three phases: awareness, consideration, and conversion. 

To break it down even further, this funnel is split into three sections: Top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

Top of the funnel (TOFU)

TOFU is the beginning phase of the funnel where a potential client hears about your business through social media, online ads, blog articles, or as a result of your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization efforts. The content created by your marketing team will lure a newcomer into visiting your business website and introducing them to your business and services.

Think of this stage as if you were fishing. The bait is all content created by your marketers to increase brand awareness. You may receive a call from prospective clients or an online lead may submit a form to learn about your business, this would be if the fish is only nibbling at the bait, not yet chomping down. All you can do as a business owner is be patient in hopes that the bait (or content) is doing its job by luring in a potential client-to-be.

Middle of the funnel (MOFU) 

MOFU is the second phase where a prospective client starts to engage even further with your business. For example, they might sign up for a newsletter that your marketing team created or they follow you on social media. This is a good sign that they are interested in what you have to offer and how your business can benefit them.

Your marketing team’s efforts in creating content are essential for prospective clients, as this will directly affect your conversion rates. Without a marketing team to create strategic content and build brand awareness, your business will be essentially nonexistent online.

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Bottom of the funnel (BOFU) 

The final phase of the funnel is BOFU where you and the prospective client establish a place of authority. This is where all of the client’s questions are answered by you, and your goal is to provide them with proof that confirms you can meet their needs. For example, you might present to your potential client an expected results overview, showcasing that you understand where the client is currently, and where they will be in the future.

It’s important to put in an effort to maintain a relationship with your client throughout all stages of the funnel. This will make the final BOFU stage easier as they’ve already shown their interest in you, so don’t be afraid to show interest in them by continuing to provide value, show your expertise, and keep in contact.

Final thoughts

When it comes to B2B marketing, it’s essential to remember that consistency is more important than volume. As a business owner, you and your marketing team should seriously consider following the marketing funnel and keep creating strategic and original content, as this can not only increase conversions for your business but also improves your relationships with clients leading to a long-lasting partnership.

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