Being Decisive About Design

Being Decisive About Design

Design is powerful. There’s no doubt about that. Regardless of the type of business you have, possessing good design promotes and reinforces your brand and acts as the foundation for what you do – from the look and feel of your identity to the products and services you sell. And in this pervasive technological world, a well-designed identity and visual presence will help you achieve visibility and recognition. But most small businesses encounter the problem of how to properly develop an identity, especially with so much competition already flooding the market. And as difficult as you can imagine designing the best logo or website is, making the decision on whether to adopt a particular design for your business can sometimes be even harder.

This is where having a branding expert is key. Once you’ve decided that you are ready to make changes to your branding, the next step is to work with someone with experience and an established portfolio of quality work.

Doing more than simply supplying you with a good looking logo or clever tagline, branding experts are responsible for helping you differentiate yourself from your competitors. They help you establish memorability, familiarity, and loyalty from your customers. They’ll also help you make the right and best decision for your brand. But like any partnership, there’s work to be done on your end too.

Keep it Focused. Limiting the number of things you want your logo to do will keep it focused and make your decision easier once it’s time to approve the design. Your branding expert should work with you to highlight your company’s best attributes. Keep it centered on the company values that are most important and will have the standing power to grow with you.

Filter Unneeded Suggestions. What does your best friend’s mother, local auto mechanic and neighbor’s dog walker have in common? Probably very little and even less to do with your business’s branding. While it’s important that you utilize all the resources you have available, ask yourself this: How limited is this person’s knowledge about branding and marketing? Do they have an in-depth knowledge of your company as you and your branding expert have? Most businesses find that instead of alleviating any doubts they might have had, they are even further burdened with confusion and more frustration than had they not invited the deconstructive criticism. You know, as they say, leave it to the expert!

Have Faith. Delegating a design project to a professional can be tough, especially when it comes to the business you’ve developed from its early stage of infancy. Creative branding partnerships require strong communication and respect from both parties. Your branding expert should listen to your concerns and respect your requests, but it is also important that you let the branding expert showcase his or her expertise. If your branding expert is recommending that you explore a direction you haven’t considered before, it might be a good sign that they are bringing something new to the table that that was missing before.

With the right branding expert by your side to guide you and help you prepare for business’s potential growth, you’ll find that being decisive about design will become more natural. Many of our clients are hesitant to commit to a design especially if they aren’t sure what they want or how to articulate their needs. We at Different Perspective are part killer detectives, miracle workers and dachshund charmers who can take your brand to the next level. Check out our previous work or give us a ring so we can show you in person.

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