How to respond to Google reviews

How to respond to Google reviews

Discover how to reply to Google reviews with our step-by-step guide

Did you know 93% of shoppers say reviews are an essential resource when making purchase decisions? [1] Managing your online footprint is critical for success in today’s competitive business environment. 89% of consumers will read a business’ response to a review, making your words immensely powerful. [2] At the core of that strategy is your Google Business Profile. Taking control of your GBP account is the first, crucial step in engaging with and replying to Google reviews — a critical interaction that can significantly impact your business.

Understanding why your Google Business Profile is so important is key—but that’s just the beginning. Assuming you’ve already navigated the initial steps to claim or reclaim your profile, continue reading as we unfold the layers of maximizing it, revealing how each component and review response can significantly impact your digital footprint.

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Step-by-step guide on how to respond to Google reviews

According to a 2024 consumer review survey, 88% of consumers would use a business that replies to all of its reviews, compared to just 47% who would use a business that doesn’t respond to reviews at all. [3] Responding to Google reviews is accessible across multiple devices. Here’s how you can do it:

For iPhone and Android Users:
Step 1: Open the Google Maps app or use Google Search on your mobile device.
Step 2: Open your Business Profile in the app you chose:
Google Maps: At the bottom right, tap Business.
Google Search: In the search bar, enter your business name.
Step 3: Tap Reviews.
Step 4: For the review you’d like to reply to, tap Reply.
Edit your reply: On your reply, tap More > Edit.
Delete your reply: On your reply, tap More > Delete.
Report an inappropriate review: On the reply you want to report, tap More > Report.

For Computer Users:
Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business at
Step 2: On the left sidebar, click “Reviews.”
Step 3: A list of your recent reviews will come up. Find the review you want to reply to.
Step 4: Click “Reply.”
Step 5: A message box will open for you to write your response.
Step 6: Click “Post reply.”

For more detailed instructions, refer to Google’s support page here.

Responding to Google reviews

How to respond to negative reviews on Google

Your business can turn negative feedback into positive outcomes if handled gracefully and professionally. Ignoring negative reviews could backfire, as consumers might interpret a business’s exclusive focus on positive feedback as an attempt to mask the negative aspects. Given these points, customers are 1.7x more likely to visit your business if you respond to negative reviews. [2] Here are some best practices:

  • Personalize your responses: Avoid using generic messages. While you can use a general template, you should tailor your response to the specifics of each review, showing genuine concern and attention.
  • Be transparent and apologize: If a mistake was made, openly acknowledge the error and offer a sincere apology. Transparency and humility can build trust with both current and potential customers.
  • Empathize and offer solutions: Not every negative experience can be rectified, but in most cases, you can take steps to “make it right.” Rather than make excuses, demonstrate understanding of the customer’s experience and offer a resolution.

Examples of thoughtful responses to negative reviews:

  1. “Hello [Customer Name], we are very sorry about your experience with us. As a result of your feedback [specific complaint], we have already begun to institute measures at our company designed not to let this happen again, and we hope you will give us this chance—precious little though it may be.”
  2. “Thank you, [Customer Name], for bringing this matter to our attention. We understand how [specific issue] must be frustrating, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Our company is committed to [specific action or improvement]; therefore, we ask you to reconsider your position on this one point with us if possible.”
  3. “[Customer Name], it is our goal—and indeed a part of our company policy—that every customer leaves here more than satisfied. We are sorry for [specific issue]. Please contact us at [contact information] so we can address your concern.

How to respond to positive reviews on Google

Positive reviews serve as a way to identify your strengths and continue delivering the best possible service to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Showing your appreciation for a customer’s support can go a long way. It’s often best to keep responses brief but offer any relevant information that would benefit the reviewer or a potential customer. For instance, sharing information about a new service that might align with their positive experiences would add value to your response, help you engage further, and create customer loyalty.

Understanding the steps and best practices for managing your Google reviews is essential for turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth and improving overall customer satisfaction.

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