Web presence pt.1 website design

Web presence pt.1 website design

A few years ago, having a mere website was enough for companies. It offered a hub for people to find out more about their business. Today, an effective web presence allows a business to utilize the best type of marketing communication: Word of Mouth advertising! The advent of social media has given customers a voice. The opinion of customers now spreads information and promotes the business more effectively than most traditional marketing efforts. This makes a business’s social media network a valuable tool for organic growth.

The objective of this series of posts (4) is to examine the components of a well-established web presence, so you, the reader, can make an informed decision related to your own business. The four topics are: The Role of a Professionally Made Website, SEO, E-Marketing and Social Media in today’s Market. This first post will address the importance of an efficient website design.

A professionally made website takes the available information provided by a business and creates a product that is both effective and appealing. A professional website contains content that is original and goal oriented. Each of these qualities is essential for a successful web presence. If there is little to separate your online content from that of a competitor, then the customer will be unable to find what differentiates your value offering from the competition. Second, the agency that creates your website should have a defined goal in mind. The content must be fine-tuned towards getting customers to better understand your value proposition and eventually purchase your product/service.

An agency or web designer must also have the experience and training to create a truly organized and appealing product. Having a well-made design that engages a customer will keep them on the website longer, which will lead to higher sales. However, a proper design is not only having an aesthetically pleasing website, but one that is designed to influence customer behavior. Agencies understand the results of website analytics and are able to continuously improve designs to influence future results.

Overall, professionally created websites can make the difference between a poor online presence and gaining the exposure your business needs to grow. The expertise that professionals can offer in design and content management cannot be overlooked. This is truly an investment that pays dividends. Next week we will be discussing the next topic for this blog series.

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