What we’re most thankful for in 2022

What we’re most thankful for in 2022

Explore the Different Perspective team’s reasons for gratitude as the year comes to a close 

Amid an air of thankfulness this November and the holiday season fast approaching, our team at Different Perspective took some time to practice gratitude by reflecting on this past year and what’s to come in 2023. 

We hope you’ll join us to explore these thoughtful insights from each member of our valued team after a year filled with great projects, inspiring conversations, and rewarding collaborations. It’s a great chance to get to know us a little better—and hopefully inspire you to practice gratitude this November!

What’s the top thing you learned this year

Anna: The top thing I have learned this year is to be more patient.

Tarik: I think the main thing I learned was to be more patient and better manage my expectations on a daily basis.

Alex: This year, I learned that everything happens for a reason. This has become my new mantra!

Hugo: To be more flexible (believe it or not 🙂). I learned that life will always throw challenges at you and even when it seems like you have surpassed an obstacle, something else is coming. I believe it is important to understand this not in a negative way, but to believe you can always overcome almost anything.

Renato: I learned to better manage my time, both at work and in my personal life. I’ve also been learning to play the drums!

Marco: In 2022, I dedicated myself to learning new web development skills. As the industry is constantly evolving, it is important to be aware of how to stay ahead. I took courses and attended seminars. On the personal side, I started to learn how to surf. I can’t go as often as I’d like, but every journey starts with the first step!

What was your most rewarding DP moment this year

Laura: I always love to hear when our clients are happy with the work we’ve done or the business success that they’re experiencing. It’s a great feeling to know that we’re able to support incredible business owners who are so passionate about what they do.

Anna: My most rewarding DP moment was on my second day of work, just a few weeks ago, when we went out to lunch as a team for ramen noodles because of the nice conversation we had during the meal. 

Tarik: I don’t believe I have a single moment that is more special than others. In fact, every end of a project is rewarding when the client is happy and surprised by what we’ve created for them.

Priscilla: Completing the rebranding project for DP! We worked as a team and updated our vision, mission, values, and brand story as well as redesigned the logo, brand visuals, and launched a new website that reflects who we are today. It is often easier to put all of our clients’ work first, but it is very important that we apply our expertise to our own business. Our team was super excited when we launched and we received great feedback from clients, partners, and friends! 

Hugo: It was a combination of little things. Travelling is back and we had a few client conferences and trips overseas, which means, at times, our team had limited access to me and Priscilla. I was concerned because the different time zones could make communication a hassle. Our team nailed every single task during our trips and I am extremely proud of them.

Renato: Moments of recognition for projects well done.

Team DP was all smiles in 2022

What are you most thankful for

Laura: My family and friends and health and happiness.

Greg: My mother’s ability to regain quality of life after her surgery.  

Anna: I’m most thankful for my family.

Tarik: I am eternally grateful for my family and friends. The years pass, but I always remember to be grateful for having these people around me because they give me the strength to keep moving forward.

Alex: I am most thankful for my family and friends. A cliche answer, but the best answer nonetheless. 

Priscilla: Being able to visit my family in Australia this year! I had plans to go in 2020 and that didn’t happen, so spending quality time with them this year was absolutely amazing! 

Hugo: To have a team that enjoys DP, are eager to learn, and are ALWAYS positive!

Marco: It was a year of gratitude for being together again. Gradually, life returned to normal and we’ve once again been able to celebrate important moments of our lives with the ones we love by our side.

Renato: For my family, health, and work!

What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed about doing your job recently

Greg: The addition of new teammates we have had over the past 12 months.

Anna: Something that I have most enjoyed about my job recently is having to interact with other people and learning different creative aspects of how social media works and the business aspect of it.

Tarik: I believe it’s the ability to always come up with new ideas even when I think I’m saturated, tired, or uncreative. It gives me confidence and peace of mind in times when work seems challenging.

Alex: One thing I’ve enjoyed about my job recently is being able to expand my imagination and use my creativity. I love creating new ideas for our clients. That’s why I got into marketing!

Priscilla: Mentoring young people coming into the job market has always been a passion of mine at DP. Ten years ago, I hired my first communications intern, and since then, we have given the same opportunity to dozens of students and recent grads. I stay in touch with most of them and I love hearing how their careers and lives are going. Now, many of them are seasoned marketing professionals, inside and outside DP, who are also mentoring others coming into the marketing industry. 

Hugo: Meeting new people. Even with businesses that we might not partner with. We meet people from almost every industry and from all over the world.

Renato: Performing more complex tasks, which brought me more knowledge in the development field.

What aspects of your community are you grateful for

Laura: I’m grateful to live in a place like Orlando where the weather is sunny and warm most of the year. I’m not a fan of the cold and I think sunshine is such a good mood booster. 

Priscilla: My community is very important to me! I am grateful to be involved with a few amazing local organizations and fortunate to spend time with some incredible people. My two favorite nonprofits are The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, where I am the Vice President of the Board, and New Image Youth Center. You can also often see me at the Downtown Toastmasters Club and at the Citrus Club.  

Hugo: I am grateful for the local nonprofit organizations, like the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, we are able to support both financially and through the creative work we do.

What have others done in your life that you’re grateful for

Laura: I’m grateful for the way that those older than me that I’m close to have mentored and given advice to me as I’ve grown up. I’m also grateful for the way that my friends are always there to talk to and laugh with.

Alex: I have a great support system in my life both professionally and personally! I am grateful for their consistent support. 

Priscilla: Our core team is truly amazing! Having a team that you can trust makes all the difference in the world. We have shared values and they truly care for our clients like Hugo and I do.

What’s something enjoyable you get to experience every day that you’ve learned not to take for granted

Laura: I really enjoy listening to music every day. It’s something that I wasn’t aware of how much I love and appreciate until the past couple of years and now I’m more mindful of how happy the right song can make me feel.

Greg: Going to the gym.

Anna: Something enjoyable that I get to experience everyday that I have learned not to take for granted is nature and being with my family and friends.

Alex: My highlight of the day is cooking dinner with my roommates and updating each other on our busy days! Something so simple, but also something that I have learned not to take for granted.

Priscilla: Exercise! It has been so long since I took exercising seriously that I had forgotten how it makes me feel. This year, I joined a new gym and started doing circuit training and I get a lot of energy from that. I was also able to go back to some in-person yoga classes. 

Hugo: The fact that we have an agency that started 18 years ago and every day we are able to provide our services to help businesses and our community.

Marco: Collaboration! There have been some very challenging projects that required a lot of time and collaboration to get the result we want.

What are you most looking forward to in 2023

Laura: I’m looking forward to going to see Taylor Swift on tour and hopefully traveling to visit friends. 

Tarik: From a professional point of view, I really want to improve my motion graphics skills. From a personal point of view, I really want to go back to my daily yoga practice and increase my reading on the subject.

Alex: I am most looking forward to the opportunity to expand my career, especially within marketing!

Priscilla: I am looking forward to another year filled with health for me, my family, team members, and clients. Lots of collaboration, new learning, and growth opportunities! We are always sharpening our skills so that we can best serve our current and prospective clients. 

Hugo: To continue to grow both professionally and personally! Add new skills, grow our team, attract more amazing clients, travel to new places, and make more awesome memories.

Marco: For 2023, I expect even greater challenges, so that I can put what I’m studying into practice, and that we can be together to celebrate each victory.

Team DP was out and about (all over the world) in 2022

Expressing our gratitude!

Thank you to all of our awesome clients and incredible partners that we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with this year. We look forward to supporting you in your continued success in 2023 and beyond!

We are also grateful for the opportunity to continue to give back to our favorite local nonprofits with volunteer time and pro-bono work. 

We also want to thank Team DP for their hard work, talent, and enthusiasm. It’s thanks to them that we are continually able to take our clients’ businesses to the next level.

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