Helping a leading real estate company promote their international investor events

Florida Connexion helps people from all over the world unlock the future they’ve always envisioned.


As an experienced, respected Central Florida real estate company, they specialize in helping international investors purchase homes and businesses in the Sunshine State.


Project Overview

To reach more international investors than ever before, the team at Florida Connexion have been hosting a series of international events across since 2012, aimed at people looking to purchase a home or business in the United States. The Invest in Florida events focus on educating attendees about the investment process and showing the range of fantastic opportunities Florida Connexion has to offer in the Florida market.


Florida Connexion came to us with their idea, seeking help with branding, a new website, and the creation of a variety of marketing materials to support each event.


We began by creating a logo that embodies the vibrant excitement of the Sunshine State, in the form of a fresh Florida orange sitting proudly on a location pin. The simple style of the customized, rounded typography brings friendliness and fun to the world of investment, something usually considered a very serious subject.

The navy blue color was a deliberate choice, to create cohesion with the Florida Connexion brand colors. This tone of blue also helps to convey the security and professionalism you’ll experience when you work with the Florida Connexion team, as well as providing the perfect contrast to the fresh orange and green accent colors.

Website Design and Development

For the Invest in Florida events, the Florida Connexion team needed a standalone website that would encourage visitors to learn more and make it easy for them to register to attend.

We focused on great images showing what attendees could expect, paired with videos and information about the team, all backed up by clear calls to action. The result is a simple to navigate website which piques interest and builds excitement for the upcoming events.


Event Materials

We created a variety of marketing materials to help Florida Connexion promote their series of events. We also collaborated with the team to produce the visual presentation and accompanying printed brochure that would be delivered to attendees at the events themselves.


Social Media and Email Marketing

To help build excitement before each event, we created promotional graphics for Florida Connexion’s social media platforms, including cover images and visuals for organic and paid social media posts.


To further generate interest, we also designed and deployed a series of email newsletters promoting the events.

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Why we love working with Florida Connexion on their Invest in Florida events

The enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work that the Florida Connexion team bring to each event they promote makes working together a pleasure.

They are pioneers in promoting events in Brazil and other countries such as England and Colombia. They continue to innovate and educate year after year by adding new topics that have garnered great interest from international investors interested in purchasing real estate and businesses in Florida.

We look forward to helping Florida Connexion and Invest in Florida events continue to succeed and grow for many years to come.

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