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Supporting a leader in forest management in U.S. expansion

How the relationship we’ve cultivated with INFLOR supports national growth through our website and ongoing marketing services


  • Website Design and Development
  • Ongoing Agency Support
  • Creative Services


  • Expansion into the U.S. Market
  • Increased National Brand Awareness
  • Enhanced Brand Messaging Company-wide
  • Creation of Content Tailored to the North American Bublic
  • Improved Conversion Rate from the Website
  • Time Savings
The scope

The scope

As a world innovator in biological asset management, INFLOR is committed to cultivating effective forestry processes and long lasting partnerships with their clients around the world.

INFLOR offers forest management solutions to help their clients control, track, and manage their investment, so they can learn from the data collected to generate better results in the next cycle of production.
In addition to supplying software solutions, INFLOR provides their clients with streamlined processes, expert consultancy, in-depth training, and continued support.

As INFLOR’s U.S.-based marketing partner, we support their team with many marketing services including website design and development, creative initiatives, and ongoing agency support as they grow their business across the nation.

The challenge

The challenge

With global adoption across four continents and more than 29 million acres managed by their solutions, INFLOR was not a new business when they first approached our team. Based in Brazil, INFLOR is a large international company that was seeking marketing support for their introduction into the North American market. The company was well-established with an excellent global reputation, but they needed a U.S. marketing team to help them properly communicate their business benefits to the timberland investment audience of North America.

The approach

Website Design and Development

The first step in our plan to support INFLOR as they moved into the U.S. market was the creation of a new website for their English speaking clients. Our team completely developed and designed a custom website from the ground up with original and strategic written content and visuals.

The website was created to be scalable enough to grow with their expansion across North America while maintaining the ability to be a resource for other international clients. It was also developed with a clear call to action that was effective in converting visitors into long-lasting partners for INFLOR.

To position INFLOR as industry leaders, we included case study and news sections where they could educate, inform, and connect with their new audience.

The approach - Website Design and Development The approach - Website Design and Development The approach - Website Design and Development

Ongoing Agency Support

As part of our efforts to position INFLOR as the global leader in timberland asset management to their U.S. audience, we supply INFLOR with ongoing agency support including comprehensive search engine optimization services, social media content creation and management, development of informative blog posts, public relations, and email marketing.

 - Ongoing Agency Support  - Ongoing Agency Support  - Ongoing Agency Support

Even with a lot of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the crew shows their professionalism to make my life easier. The most impactful quality of the company, for me, is how they make the effort to understand my business and its needs, creating the right content, and supporting business decisions. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Antonio Tatagiba • CEO at INFLOR LLC

Antonio Tatagiba
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