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Reimagining the identity of a people-first managed IT service provider

Learn how we’ve become the trusted marketing partner of NeverBlue IT since the initial rebranding of the company


  • Branding
  • Website Design and Development
  • Ongoing Agency Support
  • Creative Services


  • Enhanced Brand Awareness 
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Expansion into the Central Florida Market 
  • Support for Sales Team
  • Time Savings
The scope

The scope

Backed by over 30 years of experience, NeverBlue IT is committed to helping businesses in Central Florida and Southeast Michigan scale and grow with a comprehensive range of service-first IT solutions. 

Unlike most remote-only companies, NeverBlue IT is focused on bringing back the personal touch to IT services. They provide their clients with regular onsite visits and proactive, individualized IT recommendations from personable, highly-trained technicians.

Our team is proud to have helped NeverBlue IT grow and thrive as their ongoing agency support partner over the years through branding, website, marketing, and creative services designed to aid in their sales efforts.

The challenge

The challenge

As an established provider in Michigan, NeverBlue IT first contacted our team when they were expanding their business into Florida. During the Florida expansion, they wanted to take the opportunity to undergo a brand refresh and possibly rename their company, at the time called Innovative Network Solutions, to be less generic and stand out from competitors.

Although their team included web developers, NeverBlue IT was also interested in a new website created by a marketing company that would properly represent their unique business identity online.

The approach


With the goal of differentiating the company in a sea of fierce competition, the name NeverBlue IT was born out of the idea to go against the connotation of blue as a sad color and the “blue screen of death” in the IT industry. The new company name led to the opportunity for our team to create all new brand visuals including a logo, color palette, and fonts for NeverBlue IT.

The approach - Branding The approach - Branding The approach - Branding

Creative Services

As a part of the rebranding for NeverBlue IT, we also created corresponding sales and marketing collateral for their team like sales brochures and presentation templates. Over the years, we’ve also developed downloadable website resources and client case studies to showcase NeverBlue IT’s successes as part of our creative services.

 - Creative Services  - Creative Services  - Creative Services

Website Design and Development

Once the new branding for NeverBlue IT was established, we created a new custom website for their company, including the copy, design, and development. It was crafted to elevate their unique people-first approach to IT to their target audience in Central Florida as well as establish a modern, friendly digital presence for the company as a whole.

With the design guided by the new brand guidelines, the website was developed to be extremely user-friendly with the ability to work seamlessly across all platforms, browsers, and devices. 

The written content was crafted to tell NeverBlue IT’s story, highlight their unique selling propositions, and provide prospective clients with details on the full suite of their IT services and industry partners.

 - Website Design and Development  - Website Design and Development  - Website Design and Development

Ongoing Agency Support

After establishing the branding and website for NeverBlue IT, we became their trusted marketing partner through our ongoing agency support service. We’re proud to assist their team by providing search engine optimization (SEO) services, social media content creation and management, development of value-added blog posts, and creation and implementation of email marketing campaigns.

 - Ongoing Agency Support  - Ongoing Agency Support  - Ongoing Agency Support
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