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Establishing the brand of a best-in-class crypto mining repair firm

Explore the story of how we helped TekMining Pros find their brand identity


  • Branding
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The scope

The scope

With first-hand experience in crypto mining, TekMining Pros is committed to repairing their customers’ ASIC machines quickly and smoothly to ensure their high return on investment. 

Specialized in providing innovative technology solutions to Fortune 200 and 500 companies, the team of PhD engineers, scientists, and industry executives at TekMining Pros take a streamlined systems engineering approach to repairing software and electronic systems for their customers.

We worked with the TekMining Pros leadership team to create a brand identity for their startup in addition to designing and developing a custom website and collateral pieces.

The challenge

The challenge

Through our valued relationship as his long-time marketing partner, the founder and CEO of TekMining Pros approached our team for support in creating the name, visuals, messaging, and website for his new crypto mining machine repair business that would reach their target audience and support their sales team in generating leads.

The approach


With the startup being inspired by the minds at Sensatek, our intent behind the TekMining Pros name was to subtly signal its connection to the parent company, while clearly identifying its purpose of providing best-in-class crypto mining repairs and training. 

Once the name was embraced by the team, we custom designed an inventive, modern logo for the TekMining Pros brand. With the computer codes and antminer machine hardware parts as the main reference for creating the logo, we began the creative process by studying the movement of those elements.

We created the logo as if each part of the letter was a small code or piece that reorganized itself like a puzzle. The logo also represents more abstract concepts associated with TekMining Pros such as problem solving, efficiency, intelligence, speed, and repair.

For the brand colors, yellow represents creativity and intellect, gray represents reliability and strength, and black represents, security and authority.

The brand messaging for the crypto mining repair firm was crafted to elevate their expert team as industry specialists who are well-equipped to quickly repair BITMAIN-manufactured mining machines for large businesses.

The approach - Branding The approach - Branding The approach - Branding The approach - Branding

Creative Services

Alongside the creation of their custom website, our team also crafted branded sales and marketing collateral for TekMining Pros, including a backdrop, retractable banner, and stationary pieces.

 - Creative Services  - Creative Services  - Creative Services  - Creative Services

Website Design and Development

As an emerging leader in the crypto industry, we created the mobile-friendly, custom website for TekMining Pros to highlight the striking visuals of their unique branding, establish their online presence, and elevate their experience and commitment to serving their clients faster and better than any competitor.

 - Website Design and Development  - Website Design and Development  - Website Design and Development

As an entrepreneur building a company from the ground up, Different Perspective helped us develop, communicate, and position our brand with clarity.

Reamonn Soto • CEO at TekMining Pros

Reamonn Soto
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