What happens when you give an advertising agency mustaches and Mexican food? Follow Different Perspective for the month of October to find out! We are inviting you to join us on a little Different Perspective experiment called We Must’ache You a Question campaign 2013.  We guarantee this campaign will keep you on your toes and have you entertained all the way through October.

So you may be thinking, what exactly is this?  This is a social media campaign which will be utilizing guerrilla marketing techniques to help create awareness for Different Perspective as well as the Movember FoundationWe Must’ache You a Question challenges each team member to create a guerrilla marketing stunt which incorporates the campaign topic.  In honor of the Movember Foundation, the mustache has been selected as the primary theme, and what goes better with mustaches than Mexican food? This contest allows our team to display their creative abilities in a fun way, while supporting the Movember cause of raising awareness for prostate cancer.

Starting on October 4th, the elected team members will be provided with mustaches and the ever so famous Gringos Locos tacos.  Throughout the month we have four weeks, four guys, and four crazy ideas.  On each Friday a different team member will present their concept.  Keep your eyes open for flying tacos… you never know what could happen!

After all 4 contestants have presented their work, we will then devote the last week of October to voting.  Voting will open October 28th and you can choose who had the best idea. The winner will be announced on November 1st at the wrap up happy hour party for We Must’ache You a Question campaign.  “Shave” the date and make sure to come on out to Gringos Locos from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm on November 1st to celebrate with our team!

guerrilla marketing, social media

Contest Candidates: Shawn, Rafael, Rob & Hugo.

If you don’t catch the action up close, don’t worry, we will be posting all four ideas right here on the Different Perspective Website. Don’t forget to also visit Different Perspective on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates. Get ready, Different Perspective is about to kick off the start of one crazy month! Stay tuned and participate by sharing, voting and participating!