The Top 5 Business and Marketing Books every business leader should read now

The Top 5 Business and Marketing Books every business leader should read now

Learn the top books recommended by Different Perspective’s President Hugo


Which books inspire your work?

A big part of being a good leader lies in investing in your own personal and professional development.

One of my biggest motivations in business—as well as in life—is to always be learning.

Why? I believe that by challenging myself each day to be better, I can inspire my team and as an agency we can create better work for our clients.

Keep reading to learn which business and marketing books are my top picks, and why.

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

Why you should read it:

Seth Godin, a 2018 inductee to the Marketing Hall of Fame, has changed the way that people think about marketing and work. This book continually reinforces the fact that you should only put your best work out there—and that if you’re not getting anyone’s attention, you’re not doing it right.

Why I love it:

I revisit this book often because it gives me the push to always strive for something better. It also resonates with so many of the things we aim for as an agency, and drives us to always steer clear of mediocre work.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Why you should read it:

Angela Duckworth, the daughter of a scientist who frequently noted her lack of “genius”, has gone on to become a celebrated researcher and professor. Through her research, Angela has been able to identify that it’s tenacity, not natural talent, that drives us to succeed.

Why I love it:

You often hear the phrase “work smarter, not harder”. Really, you should work smart and hard. This book is also a reminder that without passion, everything will fall through your fingers.

The reason this book means so much is that for me, my dad is the embodiment of ‘grit’. During his teens he overcame health struggles to be one of only three people accepted into Civil Engineering school at one of Brazil’s top federal colleges.

Because of my dad, I’ve never been afraid to work hard. Yes, working smart is always better—but the combination of the two can be unstoppable. I truly believe you can’t teach passion, so a tenacious attitude is what we look for in new team members, and even in the clients we choose to work with.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Why you should read it:

One of the hardest things in marketing is creating a message that sticks—one that strikes a chord with your prospects when they first see it and stays with them long after they become loyal customers. This book can help businesses in all industries distill their message into something that’s memorable and important.

Why I love it:

Many businesses suffer from the curse of knowledge. Because they know their products inside out, they think that all of the features and benefits are obvious to prospective customers, too.

For me, this book reinforces my belief in explaining what you do in simple terms. I think this is why we’re so successful helping technical companies: because we can take their complex product or service, distill the message, and show the value of what they do in a way that’s easy for their customers to understand.

Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer

Why you should read it:

Almost every business will face ‘haters’ (or critics) at some point. And with the prevalence of social media and online reviews, it’s easier than ever for these haters to share their displeasure with the world.
This great book explores how you should handle these unhappy customers, and how even the worst review can be turned into a positive experience.

Why I love it:

In business, your reputation is everything. A key part of the social media strategy we implement for our clients is to respond to and engage with every comment and review—and even every hater.

By showing you’re listening, you demonstrate to even the unhappiest customer that you care about their experience, and that you’re prepared to put things right. This is incredibly important in establishing a credible, authentic reputation for your business.

Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed

Why you should read it:

What can aviation disasters teach you about entrepreneurship? A whole lot, it turns out! 

The reason it’s so important to find the black box after an airplane accident is that it helps investigators pinpoint exactly what went wrong—and how to stop it happening again. This same principle can translate perfectly to how entrepreneurs manage their business.

Why I love it:

When you learn to embrace failure and learn from what went wrong, you can fix the process and grow both as a leader and as a business. Companies that simply cover up their mistakes aren’t learning from them—so they’re doomed to repeat them over and over again.

Over the past 15 years in business, we’ve faced many challenges. A huge part of our success comes from learning from what didn’t work and continually moving forward. I believe it’s this thinking that has helped us build a better company, so we can provide an excellent service and great results for our clients.


What are your favorite business and marketing books?

Let me know!


Written by Hugo Azzolini, President of Different Perspective
At Different Perspective, we help businesses in all industries establish brand authority, strengthen lasting relationships and generate leads with a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions.

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