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At Different Perspective, we believe our process is both an art and a science. Whether it’s creating a unique brand, designing a stellar website or developing a killer marketing strategy for our clients’ success, we know that there are no shortcuts to achieving results. Just take a look at how we invest a great deal of time, talking, thinking and putting ideas to action to ensure your every opportunity is maximized:

1. Discovery

Before we can get started on the magic brew, we’ll need to gather the ingredients. During our first meeting together, called the Discovery Meeting, we’ll sit down to learn the ins and outs of your company: where it has been, where it is today and where you want it to go. We’ll also discuss the project scope and work together to establish the project’s objective, timeline and any other additional expectations you might have.

  • competition analysis
  • target audience
  • questions & strategy

2. Research

Just like Sherlock Holmes but without the pipe and deerstalker, the next step involves a little detective work: gathering clues on your competition, identifying your target audience, studying your industry and compiling information relevant to your project. With the findings, we’ll analyze the data and share the information with you so that you can better run your business. With our forces combined, you can bet we’ll be an unbeatable duo.

3. conceptualization

This is where we roll up our sleeves and hit the drawing board. During conceptualization, strategy, theme, design and text all come together. Our team will explore many different angles and directions, and begin working on the visual details of your project – focusing on form, colors, shapes, effects, and text if applicable. Once it’s passed through our critical review process, we’ll give you a look at the direction we’re headed to ensure that we’ve hit the nail on the head.

4. execution

With the concept approved, it’s finally time to bring your vision to life. During this phase, we’ll implement design, evaluate usability, refine details, and make final adjustments. Your project will pass through the hands of our creative team several times for extensive testing and fine-tuning until it is ready to go. But once it’s done, you can bet that it’s everything you’ve been waiting for –and then some.

what are my next steps?

5. evaluation

This might be the last stage of the process, but it’s really the stepping stone to even bigger and better results. During this phase, we answer the important question of, “now what?” Before your project is fully complete, we’ll sit down with you to evaluate the next phase and to explore the ways your marketing efforts can continue to grow and evolve with your company. With our team of experts on your side, you’ll always get the results you need.

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