Creative services

Enhance your message so your potential customers will listen

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Improve brand perception

Highlight the benefits that your business offers customers and put them at the forefront of all your marketing materials.

Establish credibility

Establish yourself as an industry leader by effectively providing valuable content that adds value to your target audience.

Make an impact

Integrate your marketing materials with your sales process to effortlessly reinforce your brand, stand apart from your competition and keep your customer’s attention.

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Half circle Do you need to make a lasting impression and prevail against your competition?

Do you need to make a lasting impression and prevail against your competition?

If you’re planning to grow your business, the answer to this question should be a decisive yes. The best way to achieve these goals is to invest in high-quality, visionary creative services that reinforce your brand legitimacy and highlight the unique aspects of your business offerings.

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What to look for in a creative partner

The best creative partner for your business will help you decide which efforts will most effectively resonate with your audience and attract their attention to turn prospects into customers. Here are a few signs you can look for in a creative agency to find the right fit.

Stunning portfolio showcasing creative projects.

Stunning portfolio showcasing creative projects.

Creativity is often best on display in the visuals created and presented in an agency’s portfolio. Analyze your potential creative partner’s portfolio and if their style appeals to you, that’s a telling sign that they’re the right partner for your business.

All creative efforts are done in-house.

All creative efforts are done in-house.

Learning if an agency outsources any aspect of their creative projects—design, copy, photography—is extremely important. Generally, it’s best to work with a team who creates all aspects of their creative projects in-house to end up with the most cohesive, highest quality content possible.

Focus on partnership, not just providing service.

Focus on partnership, not just providing service.

Many agencies merely provide one service and move on from their clients without offering or showing that they will be a true business partner for the long haul. If you want to succeed, you should find a full service agency that’s focused on your long-term success and offers the ability to advise you on all of your marketing strategies for the life of your business.

Let’s begin talking about my project

Here are some creative projects that made an impact on our clients’ customers:

Our creative services

As a leading Orlando branding and digital marketing agency, our creative services are tied to marketing strategies designed to spark your prospective customers’ interest in your business and make our clients proud to partner with a firm that’s pushing the envelope on creativity. We offer a great selection of creative services including:

Graphic Design

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Development of a variety of visually outstanding design and print collateral materials to highlight the benefits of and differentiate your business.


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Creation of effective educational and sales content such as website copy, blogs, ebooks, brochures, email marketing copy, ads and social media efforts.

Case Studies

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Creation of in-depth case studies illustrating how you achieved enormous success with a specific client or project.

Digital Video Production

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Tell your story, showcase your services, answer questions, and explain complex processes in an informative, visually engaging way.

Motion Graphics Videos

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Combination of high-quality moving illustrations, captivating copy and appealing music to creatively communicate a message with your target audience.

Professional Photography

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Business photo composition and visual storytelling to connect with your customers and develop authenticity and transparency.


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Development of visually stunning infographics to convey complex information quickly and clearly to your target audience and increase brand awareness.


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Construction of visually appealing, content-rich presentations for business events, conferences, meetings and more.

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Our onboarding process

At Different Perspective, our process is designed to ensure your success even before you become a client. Once you reach out to us, we’ll connect to find out how we can help your business.


Initial conversation

We’ll begin by talking about the services you’re looking for and briefly discussing your project goals, timeline, budget, and estimated cost.


Deep dive meeting

Whether via video conference or in-person, we’ll go into an in-depth discussion about your project by gathering more information on objectives, expectations, and scope.


Proposal presentation

Once we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of your project, we’ll present our final findings and suggestions in a personalized, detailed proposal.

After reviewing and accepting our proposal, you’ll officially become a client and we’ll get started on your project. As a DP client, your project will be guided by a creative strategy tailor-made to fit your business’s individual goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a la carte creative services or do you only offer these to ongoing agency support clients?

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Yes, we work with clients that may not need ongoing agency support, but need our help with specific projects. Some examples of a la carte creative services are case studies, motion graphics videos, professional photography, and presentations. Our clients often come to us for a one time project and become long-term business partners.

What photography services do you offer?

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Our in-house photography team specializes in professional business headshots, business environment/lifestyle photos, and corporate event photography.

Do you provide website content writing as a standalone service even if you’re not designing the website?

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Yes, we offer website content writing and other copywriting services separately from our website design and branding services.

Let’s get started

With the right creative efforts to show who you are and where you’re going, your marketing efforts will seamlessly drive forward and catapult your business to success.

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Half circle Give your sales teams the tools they need to succeed

Give your sales teams the tools they need to succeed

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