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The scope

The scope

With over 6,000 employees headquartered in San Jose, California, Nutanix is a computer software company that sells software, cloud services, and software-defined storage to clients around the world.

Trusted by over 19,500 leading companies including JetBlue and Volkswagen, Nutanix solutions promise to modernize datacenters, run any app at any scale, and unify all clouds through the simplicity and agility of public cloud alongside the performance, security, and control of private cloud.

We work with Nutanix to provide them with in-depth, thoroughly researched case studies to elevate their clients as part of our creative services.

The challenge

The challenge

Nutanix approached us looking for an agency that could help them write case studies for their LATAM clients that positioned them as the hero while discussing Nutanix solutions in an engaging way to help their sales team.

The approach

The case studies we create for Nutanix are extremely comprehensive with our team involved in every step of the process from start to finish.

We begin by interviewing a Nutanix client based in Latin America on their behalf. The interview is usually conducted in Portuguese or Spanish and the recording is then translated to result in a transcript in English for our content team. Once the transcript is ready, our team works on writing the case study with the information from the interview as well as supplemental materials from the client and Nutanix websites.

Once the case study is written, it’s sent to Nutanix for their approval who then sends it to their client for review. After both parties have given the green light, the case study is also adapted into Portuguese and Spanish before being distributed.

The case study is then published on the appropriate sites for each language as part of Nutanix sales efforts to entice new customers into utilizing their software solutions over their competitors.

The approach - The approach - The approach -

It’s a joy and breeze to work with Different Perspective! I appreciate their consideration to make our customer feel at ease during the interviews and the attention to detail on the stories, plus they are so quick to help answer questions. They’re the best!

Danielle T • User Group & TAB Program Lead at Nutanix

Danielle T
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