Boost your business identity and connect with your audience

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Stand out from competitors

Establish a strong brand identity so you can stand out in your marketplace.

Build customer loyalty

Learn how to attract ideal customers and measure the strength of your client relationships.

Establish trust

Make a sincere connection with your customers that will develop into long-term advocacy, loyalty, and confidence in your partnership.

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Half circle Do potential customers know who you are and what you stand for?

Do potential customers know who you are and what you stand for?

If you don’t answer a resounding yes to this question, that’s likely due to a lack of a strong, cohesive brand identity—the key to communicating your values and standing out from your competitors. A brand identity will bring your business to life through stunning visuals and compelling narratives that showcase your expertise and truly speak to the people you’re trying to reach.

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What to look for in a branding partner

There are many options to choose from when searching for branding services, but no two are the same. The right agency partner will bring a different perspective to your business with a tailored branding strategy that works to help you tell your story, connect with your audience, and achieve your unique goals. There are a few key components that you should search for in an agency:

Stunning portfolio showcasing brand experience.

Stunning portfolio showcasing brand experience.

Successful branding projects can often speak for themselves based on the visuals created and displayed in an agency’s portfolio. Analyze your potential branding partner’s portfolio and if their designs and content-rich style appeal to you, that’s a telling sign that they’re the right partner for your business.

Focus on partnership, not just providing service.

Focus on partnership, not just providing service.

Many agencies merely provide one service and move on from their clients without showing that they will be a true partner for the long haul. If you want to succeed, you should find a brand agency that’s focused on your long-term success and offers ongoing branding and marketing strategy for the life of your business.

Alignment with your business’s values.

Alignment with your business’s values.

Like any other business partnership, finding a branding partner who aligns with your core values is often essential to project success. You should work with an agency that’s committed to building a lasting relationship with your business. Find a team that thrives on collaboration and exercises their creativity to help you unlock new opportunities and grow.

I’m ready to start working on my brand

Here are some branding projects that helped our clients take their business to the next level:

Our branding services

As a leading Orlando branding agency, we’re proud to help incredible people within incredible companies stand out from competitors, build customer loyalty, and establish trust through outstanding visuals and powerful narratives. We offer a vast array of branding services to our clients depending on their unique needs which may include:

Competition Analysis

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Audit of your direct competitors’ brand positioning, websites, social media platforms, blogs, online reviews and more depending on the scope of your project.

Brand Story Development

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Creation of a narrative story that highlights your expertise, unique selling proposition and business goals to help you reach your target audience by developing your identity and brand.

Brand Positioning

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Construction of clearly defined business offerings that best distinguish you from your competitors and compel your target audience to choose you over others.

Logo Design

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Development of your business’s logo inspired by your name, brand story, goals and brand positioning to accurately express who you are with a clearly identifiable, unique design.

Brand Style Guide

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Establishment of your specific brand guidelines that explain every detail of your look and feel to utilize both internally and externally with partners, media and more.

Brand Application

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Implementation of your branding on your sales materials, tradeshow and promotional items, stationery pieces, and more.

Business Name Development

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Creation of the right name for your business—whether it’s new or existing—that accurately expresses your business’s goals and story.

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Our onboarding process

At Different Perspective, our process is designed to ensure your success even before you become a client. Once you reach out to us, we’ll connect to find out how we can help your business.


Initial conversation

We’ll begin by talking about the services you’re looking for and briefly discussing your project goals, timeline, budget, and estimated cost.


Deep dive meeting

Whether via video conference or in-person, we’ll go into an in-depth discussion about your project by gathering more information on objectives, expectations, and scope.


Proposal presentation

Once we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of your project, we’ll present our final findings and suggestions in a personalized, detailed proposal.

After reviewing and accepting our proposal, you’ll officially become a client and we’ll get started on your project. As a DP client, your project will be guided by a creative strategy tailor-made to fit your business’s individual goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in your branding package?

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Our branding packages are customized to fit our clients’ unique needs, but often the final deliverables include a brand story, mission/vision/values statements, custom logo, brand colors, brand iconography, business stationary, brand style guide, presentation templates, and a sales piece.

What if I don’t want to change my logo, but it’s still time to update the rest of my branding?

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We offer customized branding packages that include a rebrand or brand refresh depending on your existing brand status, brand position, and where you want to go. If you don’t want to change your logo, we can do a brand refresh that brings some level of change to your branding—such as reimagining your marketing materials or updating your brand message—to prevent your business from appearing outdated.

How much input do I have in the project? How much of my time is involved?

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Our branding projects are very collaborative. We draw inspiration from our clients, their businesses, and their audience to build a branding suite that sets them up to shine in the best light. Clients are usually the most involved at the beginning during our discovery meeting, throughout the project to answer any questions that arise, and for the branding reveal presentation and approval.

Let’s get started

If you have a strong brand, the rest of your marketing and sales efforts will be more successful thanks to your clear brand messaging, cohesive visuals, and core values as your foundation.

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Half circle Ready to level up your business?

Ready to level up your business?

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