Rebrand vs. Brand Refresh: Which is right for your business?

Rebrand vs. Brand Refresh: Which is right for your business?

Learn which option is best for your business to stay relevant and connect with your audience

If your business has evolved, it’s time for your company branding to evolve as well by investing your efforts in a rebrand or brand refresh. With the most recognizable brand identifiers being logos (75%), visual identity (60%) and signature color palette (45%), it’s essential for your branding to stay fresh to make a lasting impression on your customers, as well as help you establish trust and build loyalty. [1]

Whether you need a rebrand or brand refresh depends on your existing brand status, brand position and where you want to go.

Although they may sound similar, a rebrand and brand refresh are fundamentally different, so it’s essential to accurately determine which your business needs before committing to a decision.

Continue reading to learn about the differences between rebranding and a brand refresh, plus guidance on how to choose which option is right for your business. 

What is rebranding? 

Rebranding is a complete reimagining of your whole brand identity and key messages. It repositions your brand to change your customers’ perception of your business offerings and ensure you’re appealing to your existing customer base while attracting new ones.

A rebranding project might include: 

  • Developing a new name.
  • Creating a new logo or logo bug.
  • Constructing an updated brand message.
  • Establishing yourself in another market.
  • Overhauling your entire identity.

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When is it time to rebrand?

A rebrand might be the solution you’ve been searching for to solve brand identity issues related to substantial business growth or a shift in your operations model.

Consider undergoing a rebrand if:

  • Your brand identity does not represent your business today.
  • You’re lacking clear vision, mission and values statements.
  • You aren’t appealing to the customers you want to reach.
  • You need to prevail against evolving competition in your changing industry.
  • You want to market new services or products. 
  • Your current marketing methods are ineffective.

Below you can see an example of a before and after logo that was part of a rebranding project for Bennett Insurance & Employee Benefits where their name was adjusted and logo was completely redesigned along with the rebrand of their business as a whole.

Bennett Insurance rebranded their logo and identityWhat is a brand refresh?

A brand refresh includes some level of change to your branding depending on your unique needs to prevent your business from appearing outdated. It’s best suited for growing, yet fundamentally strong businesses that need distinct modifications on the look and feel of their brand to better appeal to their target audience. 

A brand refresh might include: 

  • Making a tweak to modernize your logo.
  • Adding a new brand color.
  • Updating your tagline.
  • Choosing a new font.
  • Reimagining your marketing materials.

When should you refresh your brand?

If you’ve been looking for a tactical maneuver to ensure your brand is keeping your competitive edge without undergoing a complete overhaul, a brand refresh that provides you with a fresh look and new methods of communication is likely the answer to your problem.

Try a brand refresh for your business if:

  • You’re outdated and your brand image is holding you back.
  • You’ve changed or you’re growing so you need to stay relevant.
  • You’re inconsistent with your branding.
  • You’re not reaching your target audience anymore.
  • You’ve received negative feedback on your website or you feel embarrassed to hand out your business cards.
  • Your competitors have all undergone a brand refresh or rebrand.

Below you can see an example of a before and after logo that was part of a brand refresh for Custom Canopies where their logo was updated for a more modern, clean look along with their brand message, new sales and trade show materials.

Custom Canopies refreshed their logo for a more modern look

Which is right for your business?

Your branding is more than just the visual elements, each part of your brand works together to create a clear representation of the values and culture of your business. That’s why determining if your business needs a rebrand or a brand refresh is such an important decision.

You and your team should carefully decide which option is right for your business, so consider where your business stands and make the decision that will most effectively drive your vision forward. If you are still unsure, an experienced branding company can offer you insights and recommendations to help you come to a conclusion. 

What’s next?

Whether you decide to go with a rebrand or refresh, it’s important to partner with a trusted marketing and branding agency with ample experience in rebranding, brand refreshes and a proven process that will result in a successful project.

At Different Perspective, our team is committed to partnering with businesses like yours to develop comprehensive branding strategies to help you stand out from competitors, build customer loyalty and establish trust.

Our branding package not only includes the visual design of your logo, overall branding assets and marketing collateral, but also a custom-crafted brand story to help you tell your audience a compelling message about your business.

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1: Renderforest | 55 Branding Statistics for 2021

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