6 tips to build a successful YouTube channel for your business

6 tips to build a successful YouTube channel for your business

Learn how a successful YouTube channel can boost your business’s online presence 


YouTube was founded in 2005 and still has the power to help your brand reach a huge audience of potential clients and showcase what you have to offer.

As the second largest search engine, this free online video-streaming platform is a great way for newcomers to get familiar with your company’s brand and what you represent.[1]

Before you jump in, it is important to understand that just posting anything at any time on YouTube will not help your channel get noticed or successfully show off your brand to viewers.

Join us to explore our top tips to build a successful YouTube channel for your business that will help you build a larger online presence. 

Tip #1: Set your goal or define an objective

First and foremost, define your objective and what you envision by creating, building and maintaining a YouTube channel for your business.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • How can I bring value to my audience with videos?
  • Can my team produce my company videos or do I need to find a video production partner?
  • Does my team or agency have the time and knowledge to manage my channel?
  • What are my expectations and goals?

Tip #2: Stick to your brand

YouTube is a very large platform, with 1.9 billion users and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute.[2] In order to stand out, you have to make sure your channel represents and showcases your company in the best light. 

Usually, users find videos through a search and then click through to visit your full channel. To entice people to click and watch your videos, make sure you have an interesting title and thumbnail image for your video.
Channels make lasting second impressions, meaning it’s going to be the second thing that viewers see after finding your video, so make sure it encompasses the true essence of your brand. Ensure that your channel banner looks professional and showcases your brand’s theme. You should also feature a ‘welcome’ video on the Home tab that introduces the user to your brand’s channel. 

Tip #3: Keep your videos short and sweet 

The attention span of viewers keeps getting shorter and shorter. Online video experts recommend that videos should be around 6 to 8 minutes long when trying to explain a topic or bring up a new idea.[3]

However, don’t try to force the video to be longer than just a couple of minutes if the point can be made in a shorter amount of time. To avoid the risk of your viewers losing interest, we recommend that you ensure your content is below 8 minutes—or if it’s longer, try to separate that topic into two parts.

Tip #4: Create different playlists

Having more than one type of video posted on your YouTube channel can spark interest in viewers, and it shows that your company can change up the content.

For example, you could create a playlist with a series of educational videos that show your business expertise, a series answering frequently asked questions, other with “how to” videos showing users how to use your products, and another that introduces your team members to viewers. This shows that your business is personable and can mix business with entertainment.

Tip #5: Maintain a consistent posting schedule

Consistency in your content scheduling can lead to a better experience for you and your audience.[4]

However, make sure it also adheres to your ability to create quality content. If you have the resources and a lot of ideas to post about, 2 videos a week may work best for you (as long as they are posted on the same days each week for consistency).

If you believe you don’t have that much content, twice or even once a month can work to get you started. It all depends on your ability to come up with content and the time you have available to create these videos. Find a timeline that you can commit to and to consistently deliver videos that you are proud of.

Our top advice: To make things easier, plan your content in advance. Once you have a plan, you could film a full series of videos all at once. Then, you’ll have enough content to publish them on your channel at a frequency you believe it will work for your business.

Tip #6: Be active on your channel

Another way for your channel to be up to date and on other people’s radar is to be active and engage with other channels.

Assign a team member to use your business YouTube channel to interact with clients and competitors so that your channel can remain active. Viewing, liking, and an occasional comment on another channel’s videos can increase engagement coming from your channel’s end, which is favorable to YouTube’s algorithm.[5]

In conclusion

By producing great video content that brings value, and being consistent and active, your YouTube channel can be a great tool to position you as an expert and to help boost your business.

Is your company ready for the next step in online presence?

Let us know!

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