How to choose the right advertising agency

How to choose the right advertising agency

Learn what makes a successful client-agency relationship

As a business owner, your time is often your most valuable asset.

You already understand that you can save both time and money when you work with an experienced marketing agency. But do you know how to choose the right advertising agency for your business?

There are thousands of agencies out there vying for your business, each making impressive claims about the results they can secure. And while there are important factors to consider, such as your advertising budget and the project scope, your decision should be based on more than just price and a great portfolio of work.

A successful and long lasting client-agency relationship depends on trust, great communication, a company culture that fits your own, and more. Join us as we explore the most important things you should look for when choosing an advertising agency.

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Before you begin

Before you start your search for the right advertising agency, you should decide which services you may need, what your objective is, and what your advertising budget will be. You should also decide if it’s important to work with an agency that’s local to you or not. Once you have this information, you’re ready to begin your homework on prospective agencies.


When narrowing down your list of prospective agencies, your first stop should be their website. Look at their success stories and their portfolio of work to get a feel for the agency’s style, specialisms and track record.

Industry expertise is useful, but not essential. What matters more is the ability to listen to your needs. Your advertising agency will never be as experienced as you are at what you do—because that’s your job. Instead, they should be the experts at what they do.

A great agency will be your fresh pair of eyes to identify opportunities you may have missed. They will also help you think outside the box, drawing on some of the insights they’ve picked up from working with other industries.


No one knows your business better than you. The right agency will listen carefully to what you believe your needs are—instead of telling you what they think your business needs. They’ll get to know you, your business, and what you’re trying to achieve. From there, you’ll work together to develop marketing solutions to solve your problems and set you up for sustained success.

You can get a good idea of how well a prospective agency communicates from your first interactions with them. How promptly do they respond to emails and phone calls? Are they polite or pushy? Are they transparent or cagey? 

If you find it hard to communicate with them now, how will your interactions be once you’ve signed the contract? The client-agency relationship should be a collaboration—and a big part of successful collaboration is clear communication. Choose an agency that’s respectful of your time and one that follows up with you when they say they will.

Download the checklist: How to choose the right advertising agency

Agency size

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the agency you’re thinking of hiring. Bigger is not always better!

In a smaller agency, the focus is always on the work. There’s often less bureaucracy standing between a great idea and a great final product—so the turnaround time is a lot quicker. A smaller agency can also be more agile, adapting to changing priorities and deadlines with ease.

Company culture

Choose an advertising agency whose values align with your own. Visit their website to learn about their history, background, mission and philosophy. If their ethos doesn’t speak to you, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Visit their social media channels to get a feel for the company culture and the personality of the agency. Do the team members look like they enjoy what they do? Do they look like an enthusiastic, motivated team of professionals who would be excited to sink their teeth into your project? Do they give back and how do they contribute to their community?

Download the checklist: How to choose the right advertising agency

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