Clubhouse Social App: What is it?

Clubhouse Social App: What is it?

Learn more about the new social media app and how you can join in on the conversation

Have you heard of Clubhouse? As the newcomer app of the social media world, you may have heard the name mentioned, but you likely don’t understand what it can offer you and your business. That’s why we’re here—it’s time to break down what Clubhouse really is and how it could be incorporated into your business strategy.

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What is Clubhouse? 

Clubhouse is an audio-based platform where only one thing matters: what you have to say.
The Clubhouse social app has no video feature, it solely allows you to focus on what you can verbally bring to the conversation. You can be folding laundry, at the gym, or taking a shower while listening, or speaking—the app is perfect for the everyday multitasker.

The app consists of “rooms” and “groups”.“Groups” are what you join when you have a specific interest in a topic, then you’re informed when their “rooms” are taking place which are where the conversations happen.

While Clubhouse is currently only available on Apple products, an Android version is in the works. 

What makes Clubhouse different from other social media platforms?

Clubhouse social app is a completely new concept from all other platforms. Here’s how:

  • Voice Only

Not having to worry about making eye contact, what you look like, or where you are gives people a peace of mind they can’t find on other social media platforms. Being able to have genuine conversations and hear the tone in people’s voices also provides a unique experience in which you can form genuine connections with others.

  • “Interactive Podcast”

Unlike pre-recorded podcasts, the live conversations on Clubhouse social app welcomes interjection. You can raise your “virtual hand” and be brought up onto the “virtual stage,” allowing you to ask questions or state your opinion on the topic. 

  • Nothing is saved

You could say, what happens on Clubhouse…stays on Clubhouse. As of today, nothing can be saved or recorded, it’s all in the moment. This creates a sense of FOMO (or fear of missing out) for people, making them never want to miss out on anything. In this sense, it’s similar to Snapchat—the content disappears and cannot be referenced later. 

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Clubhouse infographic

Why should you join Clubhouse?

This app can be beneficial to many different types of people in a variety of ways, but the most universally appealing part is that there are no expectations. When you’re using the app, you’re given the opportunity to choose a “role”. You can be a moderator, speaker, or listener. 
As a moderator, you run the show. You are the one who starts the room and you can choose who can and can’t speak throughout the duration of the room.
As a speaker, you’re able to partake in the conversation. You are on the “virtual stage” along with the other speakers. 
As a listener, you’re basically a fly on the wall. You are listening to the conversation taking place, but don’t have to partake if you don’t want to. However, you can raise your “virtual hand” if you have a question or comment. 

How can you join Clubhouse?

You may be itching to download and explore the new app, but right now, Clubhouse social app is known for its exclusivity and is by invitation only.
You can download the app and request a username and eventually you’ll be sent an invitation code or you can get invited by another user already on the app. Once you’re inside the app, you are given invitations to send to others. The more active you are, the more invitations you’ll receive. 

How can Clubhouse be used for business? 

Wondering if this app can benefit your business? Here are a few ways:

  • Gain insight into other industries

Clubhouse is filled with thousands of different industry experts speaking on their professions. You are able to join any of these rooms to listen and gain a better understanding of what they are about. 

  • Build new relationships with fellow professionals

Let’s say you’re a marketing professional. On Clubhouse, you can join a room in which a marketing topic is being discussed and have conversations with fellow industry professionals. This can allow you to meet new people in your field and gain a different perspective on a topic you may already know quite a bit about. 

  • Expand your presence on other social media platforms

You aren’t able to send direct messages back and forth with other users on the Clubhouse app itself, so you are encouraged to take the conversation off the app by adding your social media handles to your bio. If you are promoting your brand, you want to make sure you are nurturing the conversations you have outside of the app and show that you truly care about those taking an interest in your business. 

In conclusion

This is just the beginning of Clubhouse. The app is still in its beta stages, so Clubhouse has the potential to transform overnight. If you want to gain a unique edge on your competition, create a Clubhouse account and get started telling your story today.  

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