Different Perspective premieres redesigned website and brand refresh

Different Perspective premieres redesigned website and brand refresh

Discover how our new website and updated branding allow us to more effectively support our clients in reaching new heights and opportunities

As a leading Orlando branding and marketing agency, Different Perspective launched a redesigned website and brand refresh to reflect company growth and continue to help outstanding businesses thrive through carefully considered, results-driven advertising strategies.

“Over our 18 years as an agency, we’ve developed proven processes to ensure we never stand still and are always getting better at what we do,” shared Hugo Azzolini, President of Different Perspective. “Creating a new website and undergoing a brand refresh directly align with this goal, and our team is excited for everyone to see what we’ve been working on.”

“I believe our strength lies in helping our clients apply what we do for ourselves to their own businesses. Making these changes to our own website and branding was a great way to learn how we can more effectively help our clients align their messaging and visuals with what they hope to achieve in the future,” said Hugo.

Different Perspective’s custom website highlights the eye-catching new visuals of our brand refresh and conveys our depth of experience and passion for creativity. The fully responsive, mobile-friendly website functions flawlessly across all platforms, browsers, and devices to modernize our online presence and draw in prospective clients.

The new website was crafted to appeal to our awesome clients who know who we are through years of trusted partnership as well as to potential clients who need to learn all they can about Team DP to choose the right digital marketing partner for their business.

Our four main services—branding, website design, creative services, and ongoing agency support—are all featured on the new website with dedicated pages that include business benefits, sample projects, featured case studies, frequently asked questions, and more.

With original pictures of our team at our office in the heart of Downtown Orlando, the website also features a reimagined portfolio page showcasing our recent work with detailed stories, statistics, and descriptive visuals. It also includes free, insightful, and research-backed resources and blogs for those interested in learning more about digital marketing, branding, website design, and more.

The website reflects the brand refresh that Different Perspective created to incorporate a more modern, clean, and concise look while maintaining the agency’s core characteristics of positivity, friendliness, and efficiency.

The brand refresh visuals were all carefully adjusted to preserve the existing positive, yet professional look, but with a modern and simplified twist. The orange period after the logo bug was a new element added to portray the confidence and focus in the work that we do for our clients.

“The brand refresh allows us to modernize our look and messaging without losing the essence of who we are at our core,” explains Tarik, Lead Graphic Designer at Different Perspective. “DP’s brand refresh keeps the same look, but under a new perspective.”

In addition to the visuals, Different Perspective also underwent a process to reaffirm our agency’s brand messaging as part of the refresh. We completed our traditional client intake process for ourselves to pinpoint our target audience, ideal clients, and defined values based on the success and synergy of our existing client partnerships.

“Over the years, we’ve become a more experienced group of people, and the brand refresh reflects that expertise while still sustaining our friendly and welcoming personality,” shared Priscilla Azzolini, Partner and Director of Communications. “Defining our values was especially important to us because we take care to ensure our clients’ culture and values align with our own, so that we can truly help them with what they need while forming a long-term partnership.”

You can learn about our company mission, vision and values at our new The Agency page.

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