How to build an email list for your business: 12 simple ways to boost subscribers

How to build an email list for your business: 12 simple ways to boost subscribers

Take your marketing to the next level with these tried and tested ways to collect email addresses

In our previous blog, we explored how emails are an incredibly important part of the marketing strategy for any business, whether or not you have a product to sell. The first step is to invest some time building an email list, so you can start reaching new and existing customers better than ever before.

Now you’re convinced, let’s dive into how to start building that email list!

Ask at point of purchase
When customers check out, have a notepad or tablet available for them to share their email address. You could also customize your credit card receipt with a field where they can jot it down while they’re signing. Add the gathered addresses to your list regularly, and send out a welcome email with a coupon code to entice them back.

Opt-in forms on your website
Include a place to sign up on your website’s header or footer — that way, it’s present on every page of your website. You could also include one at the bottom of every blog post. Going one step further, you could employ a pop-up opt-in form that appears as visitors are browsing your website.

Promote via social media
Encourage your followers to subscribe with social media posts driving people to your website. You can also add a sign-up button to your Facebook page.

Special giveaways
In-store promotions are a great way to collect email addresses. Offer a discount code or the chance to win a gift card when customers drop their business card in a bowl.

Work the wifi
If you offer free wifi, configure your system to take customers to your website when they first log in, with a prompt to sign up for emails.

Sign-up sheets
Have some sign-up sheets handy everywhere you go: at trade shows, community events, or simply in-store next to some free samples.

Join the club
Incentivize sign-up by offering special discounts and promotions to those who join your ‘email club’. Think about sharing special offers that subscribers can enjoy in their birthday month.

Share your knowledge
The content you create to establish yourself as an authority in your industry can also help to build your email list. Offer e-books or white papers as a free download on your website, in exchange for an email address.

Host an event
Stage a talk, seminar or meetup and ask people to RSVP with their email address.

Work with other local businesses
Contact the local businesses in your area to see if you can collaborate on marketing materials like flyers and direct mail, and encourage people to subscribe in return for a special coupon code.

Leverage ‘email only’ promotions
Reward loyal subscribers with special promotions or discounts that are only available to those on your email list.

Encourage forwarding
Make sure all your emails contain a ‘forward to a friend’ link, so subscribers can share your content easily with everyone they think will find it interesting.

Still need convincing on the benefits of building an email for your business? Read the first part of our blog here.

If you’re ready to take the next step, learn how to devise the perfect email marketing strategy here: Tips to cook up an exceptional email marketing plan.

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