Is SEO part of web design?

Is SEO part of web design?

Explore how SEO web design can help your business

When your business is designing a new website, it’s important to keep your target customers in mind by creating a visually appealing, content-engaging and responsive website. It’s also critical that you optimize your website for SEO, so that potential clients are able to find your business when searching online for services and products you offer. 

Continue reading to learn more about how SEO is a crucial element to website design. 

What is SEO web design? 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing a website and its pages to rank well on search engines such as Google. Web design is the creation and development of a website and all of its pages. 

SEO web design is the practice of designing and developing websites by optimizing them for search engines in order to make it easier for people researching certain topics or typing certain phrases to find your business. 

Why is SEO web design important?

With just 0.78% of Google users clicking on results from the second page, it’s important to ensure that your business’s website is optimized for SEO, so that you can work towards ranking on the first page for your target keywords. [1]

SEO is one of the most effective organic ways to increase traffic to your business’s website, which in turn makes your business more profitable. If your website is visually appealing, but lacks SEO optimization, potential clients and customers will not be able to find and explore your services or products.

What should you optimize for SEO web design?

Whether your business is designing its first website, redesigning an old one, or optimizing for SEO, it’s important to design with SEO principles in mind. Your web design team and SEO team should work together to create a fully-functional, visually appealing website that also includes the following SEO optimized elements:

  • Mobile-friendly: As of May 2022, 59% of global online traffic came from mobile devices. [2] Having a website that is not only fully-functional and optimized on desktop, but also on mobile is critical. Without a mobile-friendly website, your business is missing out on a substantial number of potential clients. 
  • Fast and responsive: One of Google’s ranking factors is the speed of your website. Users do not want to wait for a website to load, so Google will not show websites at the top of their results pages that take too long to load or are unresponsive. 
  • Sitemaps: A sitemap is essentially a blueprint or a map of all of the pages and content on your website that helps search engines find, crawl, and index your website’s content. If a search engine cannot find or crawl a web page, it will not rank it.
  • Image names and alt text: Images are important for websites to look visually appealing, but it’s important to also make them SEO optimized. Include keywords and descriptive words in the image names on your website to tell search engines what the image is. Alt text is also important because if an image’s alt text matches the search query of a user, your image could show because the search engine knows what is happening in the image. 
  • URL structure: The structure of all of your webpage’s URLs should reflect your SEO efforts. The slug of the URL should only contain the name of the webpage or the keyword of the page. This helps search engines determine what keywords to rank your website page for.

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