The 101 on Infographics

The 101 on Infographics

You may not know what an infographic is but chances are you’ve probably already seen one. Information graphics, more commonly known as infographics, are a visual representation of information, data or knowledge that is used to convey complex information quickly and clearly. Cool right? And if you aren’t already wondering how they can be of use to you, you should!

Infographics are a powerful tool in content marketing. Not only do they catch your targeted audience’s attention but they can also increase your brand awareness. Think about what you would rather take a look: a page full of text or one that uses the help of visual aids to illustrate the main points?

A strategically crafted infographic goes beyond “telling” to effectively showing people your brand, products or services. It establishes your expertise within your own industry. Furthermore, it includes important contact information like your website and social media accounts to help people find your business and learn more about what you do.

But the reasons infographics are incredibly useful to your business doesn’t stop there. Infographics have compelling visual content that is easily viewed and shared. They possess a perfect balance of text and graphics to convey useful information.

And when well-designed and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, your infographic will encourage others to share its information and the relationship it has to your brand. This not only increases the traffic to your website but can also provide many SEO benefits.

Driving engagement for your brand on social media and your website can be a difficult feat, but not impossible. If you are interested in growing your online presence or want to learn more about how you can take advantage of the infographics’ viral capabilities, contact us here.

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