It’s Time to Get Responsive

It’s Time to Get Responsive

Imagine you’re treating the love of your life to a delectable evening of chicken parm, cannolis & overpriced espresso, but when you reach your favorite Italian restaurant, you see the line wrapped around the parking lot. Your stomach has no time for this and you must think on your feet.
You pull into the closest parking lot, take out your smart phone and quickly Google nearby restaurants. You find the usual suspects: Chinese takeout, fast food, greasy pizza joints. Then you see it, standing out like a beacon in the night… Tony’s Ristorante.
Tony, being a smart businessman and a marketer, made certain you found his website in the top ten Google rankings. He was also astute enough to make sure his website is mobile friendly website and easy to navigate. Tony made certain that his website told you exactly what you needed to know and nothing more.
With 56% of all Americans owning a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center (as of June 2013*), it’s no surprise that this shopping reality is happening every day, every minute and in the majority of consumer driven industries. Tony’s marketing prowess worked, he introduced you to his brand and you spent $92.03 in his restaurant instead of another eatery because of a well-placed mobile-optimized website.
– Give Them What They Want.

Your website needs to give consumers what they want or need on the run. Simply put, don’t make mobile visitors jump through hoops to find important things like directions, phone numbers and reservation requests.
– Be Responsive To Their Needs.

Responsive web design means more than making certain that your website renders properly in a smart phone or tablet device. Make sure that your website design agency understands the importance of responsive technology prior to designing your company’s new website.
– Google Rankings & Responsive Web Design.

One of Google’s many algorithm factors is the responsiveness of your website in a mobile device.  If your website doesn’t render properly in a smart phone, your rankings may ultimately suffer. Using a single URL for a piece of content makes it easier for your users to interact with, share and link to your content.
It’s no mystery that mobile marketing is here to stay, so your brand must maintain a strong mobile presence and pay attention to the user experience.  Through responsive web design, potential customers will know more about you – and nobody will miss Tony’s special chicken parm. Bon Appétit.
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