Hiring an advertising agency vs. doing it yourself

Hiring an advertising agency vs. doing it yourself

You can save time and money when you work with an experienced marketing agency

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to make it a success.
You’re absolutely right to focus on the growth of your company – but do you have time to promote it too?
For any small team, handling all of your priorities can be a challenge. As the leader, you’re responsible for keeping your team and your customers happy, increasing sales as well as continually working towards your vision for the future. Sometimes it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.
Who takes care of your marketing and advertising? Before you hire an in-house marketing person, or even an in-house marketing team, stop and think if it makes more sense to instead hire an advertising agency.

You can save time

Successful marketing takes time. And to make sure everything works in harmony, no part of the puzzle can be neglected.
Many marketing tasks can be very time-consuming. With a reputable advertising agency by your side you can hand over many of these responsibilities, with the knowledge that everything is in safe hands. That way, you can focus on what you do best – creating new innovations and building your business.

You can save money

Hiring an advertising agency sounds expensive. In reality, in most cases you will spend less when hiring an agency versus hiring an in-house marketing team. Even if you hire just one in-house entry-level marketing team member, do you have the knowledge to train them and the time to manage them?
An experienced agency can advise you how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your marketing efforts. Along with ideating and creating your advertising content, an agency will also evaluate its performance to help you spend those advertising dollars wisely.
Agencies understand that small businesses like yours don’t have infinite budgets. They’ll work with you to build a project that suits your needs – and your pocket.
There are other ways you can save, too. An agency can help you unlock negotiated rates on things like ad placement and printing.

You’ll benefit from their experience

Advertising agencies don’t just make things look pretty. When you hire an experienced creative team, their breadth of expertise is backed up by hundreds of client projects, with many curveballs over the years. They’ll be well equipped to deal with anything you might throw their way.
Agencies can offer a different perspective on problems that you may have been stuck on for months. You’re hiring a well-oiled, cohesive team who will hit the ground running with your project. The more creative minds you have on your side, the better!

They’ll keep you up to date

The world of advertising is constantly evolving. Your marketing can’t stand still, but with so many things changing it can be hard to keep up: what’s best practice one day may be obsolete the next.
Let an advertising agency do the hard work for you – it’s their job to keep up with everything that’s new in design, website user experience, social media, digital marketing and more. The creatives at your agency will learn everything that’s worth knowing, and then recommend what’ll work best for you.

Why you should think about hiring a smaller agency

When you hire a smaller agency, everyone gets involved with – and becomes passionate about – you and your business. Smaller agencies are incredibly agile, too. They can move quickly to create new ideas, find new directions and tackle tight deadlines.
It’s an added bonus if they’re a local agency: you can take advantage of their community connections to help you identify new opportunities and forge new partnerships. Plus, there’s really no substitute for a face-to-face meeting where you can get together and share your vision for the future.
“Smaller agencies like us are able to have a quick turnaround without bureaucracy,” says Hugo Azzolini, President of Different Perspective. “We also create our own streamlined processes and approach problems differently. Our passion is clear, and we are deeply invested in making our clients’ companies succeed. Seeing a client shed tears of happiness when we present our take on their brand is priceless.”
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Looking to hire an advertising agency?
At Different Perspective, we have over 14 years of experience helping businesses like yours stand out, build customer loyalty and grow your profits.
We’re incredibly proud to have been named one of Orlando’s best advertising agencies.
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