Rumor has it that email is dead and while the means of online communication have shifted onto the more talked about social platforms over the recent years, the surprising truth is that email marketing is still kicking. In fact, it’s kicking harder than ever!

While you’re probably thinking what the old girl really has to offer over her younger, more popular social sister; marketing studies have shown quite a lot, actually. Although social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are incredible tools in facilitating both personal and professional relationships, the truth is email is more engaging and generates a higher response from consumers. Statistically, there are 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide, 3x more email accounts then there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined [1]. The rate upon which people are opening marketing messages is 20-30%, making messages 5x more likely to be seen through e-mail than Facebook [2]. One of the reasons this may be is the fact that e-mail is a better marketing tool; emails give businesses the ability to target a specific audience and customize their message for a more favorable outcome.

Ever wonder why retailers ask for email addresses and not social media profiles? Having a social presence is incredibly valuable, but the issue that arises with businesses trying to reach potential consumers primarily through Facebook and Twitter is the competition not only from other businesses but from consumers’ family and friends. Imagine a business’ post competing with pictures of loved ones, funny videos, and thought-provoking statuses. The social platform is too busy and distracting to nurture a serious business relationship. While sites like LinkedIn promote professional connections, ultimately the inbox is where businesses and clients take their relationships to the next level.

Through the exchange of emails, businesses can deepen the relationship with consumers. The more personal environment allows businesses to really give voice to their brand, deliver their message and confirm their audience’s interest. Although it is absolutely clear that email is the most powerful, but underutilized tool in digital marketing today, the solution isn’t to shift all attention into the inbox. Instead, the yellow brick road to successful digital marketing is to make use of all tools and channels available. This includes using email and social media sites to distribute relevant content on a frequent and consistent basis, something every business should take in consideration when planning their digital marketing campaign for 2015.

[1] According to Email Statistics Report 2013-2017

[2] According to Campaign Monitor