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Supporting the leader in employer-sponsored health clinics

Learn how our role as WeCare tlc’s marketing team has elevated their business and allowed them to stand out in a saturated market


  • Ongoing Agency Support
  • Website Design and Development
  • Creative Services


  • Enhanced Brand Awareness
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Support for Sales Team
  • Improved Social Media Engagement and Following
  • Time Savings
The scope

The scope

As a leader in the implementation and management of employer-sponsored primary care health clinics across the country, WeCare tlc is changing the way healthcare is delivered in the United States.

With health centers across the country, 68k+ satisfied patients, and $420+ million in claim cost savings, WeCare tlc saves employers money on their health plans and improves healthcare outcomes for patients by designing, building, and managing advanced primary care health clinics.

As WeCare tlc’s trusted marketing team, we’re proud of the success the company has found in the past several years as we’ve helped them grow their business by supporting their sales efforts through website, marketing, and creative services.

The challenge

The challenge

After steadily growing their business, WeCare tlc approached us as a highly-experienced team of healthcare professionals looking for a partner that could lead their marketing initiatives after frustrations with previous agencies that overpromised and under delivered. We began working together on specific projects and as our partnership flourished over the years, we became WeCare tlc’s valued marketing partner.

The approach

Website Design and Development

To further their mission and better serve clients, medical professionals, and patients, we designed a new custom website for WeCare tlc, including creating the copy, design, and development to accurately represent that their company is big enough to serve, but small enough to care.

The modern, clean design of the WeCare tlc mobile-friendly website made it simple for employers, patients, and clinicians alike to explore benefits, resources, and care options with sections clearly labeled to serve each group’s unique needs.

As WeCare tlc’s long-time, trusted marketing partner, we crafted the website to modernize their online presence, portray their breadth of experience and patient-centered care model, and help them convert visitors into leads.

The approach - Website Design and Development The approach - Website Design and Development

Creative Services

We also supply WeCare tlc with different creative services as part of their marketing efforts including developing sales materials, case studies, employer and patient resources, and providing videography services to continually position their team as healthcare industry leaders.

We’ve developed marketing collateral for the WeCare tlc sales team including stationary, capabilities deck, and presentations.

 - Creative Services  - Creative Services  - Creative Services

Ongoing Agency Support

We provide ongoing agency support to WeCare tlc as their established marketing team through comprehensive search engine optimization services, social media content creation and management, development of educational blog posts, strategic public relations efforts, brand management, and email marketing campaigns.

 - Ongoing Agency Support  - Ongoing Agency Support  - Ongoing Agency Support

Video Production

It was essential for WeCare tlc to find informational and sales tools that would help explain the benefits of their onsite and near-site health centers to patients and potential employer partners. To help achieve this goal, we created motion graphics and health center testimonial videos to enhance the website, YouTube, and other social media channels.


We have enjoyed our relationship with Different Perspective. They have become a valued member of our team and we truly appreciate the organized and holistic support and account management they provide.

Raegan Le Douaron • WeCare tlc President & CEO

Raegan Le Douaron
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