Stand out this festive season with these winning holiday promotion ideas


The holiday season is just around the corner, bringing with it big opportunities to score new customers and entice existing ones back to you.


Shoppers are predicted to spend more than $1.1 trillion between November and January this year, and competition for their dollars is fiercer than ever.[1]

As a small business who wants to stand out, you should already be preparing for key holiday shopping dates.


They include:

  • Thanksgiving (Nov 28)
  • Black Friday (Nov 29)
  • Cyber Monday (Dec 2)
  • Christmas (Dec 25)
  • New Year (Jan 1)


So how can you take advantage of this prime time of year to attract shoppers? Take a look at the list below for 10 creative, actionable holiday promotion ideas for small businesses that will get the registers ringing.


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1: Create a combo

Customers love to feel like they’re getting a great deal—so why not encourage them to spend more in order to save more? Bundle two or more products together at a discounted price and watch the orders flood in!


2: Offer a free gift with purchase

Everyone likes to get something for free, and your customers are no exception! You can increase your average order value and boost revenue by offering a freebie, such as a trial size product or limited-edition item.


3: Hold a limited-time secret sale

Exclusivity and urgency can be an irresistible combination. Send your VIPs a secret link (to a part of your website that can’t be navigated to any other way) where they can unlock special deals, or give them an exclusive promo code that lets them save big on certain products. Give an expiration of 48 hours to ramp up the urgency and encourage sales.


4: Share a free resource

Offer a holiday themed gift guide or e-book that people can download in exchange for their email address. Make sure it’s packed with relevant, useful information to set yourself up as an expert in your industry.


5: Host a contest on social media

This is a fun way to increase engagement, encourage user-generated content, and get people talking about your business. Ask your followers to submit a photo—it could be as simple as asking them to pose with your product or snap a picture outside your store—and get them to use a custom hashtag to enter. You could feature a few entries on your feed each week, and offer a small prize for the most engaging photo.


6: Rename a product

Help your customers really celebrate the season by treating one of your products to a limited-time festive upgrade. You could simply give it a fun temporary name, or you could even create a limited-edition festive version of a bestseller. Bonus points if it’s Instagrammable!


7: Send a greeting card

There’s something special about receiving a personal message in the mail. Show your appreciation—and keep your business top of mind—by sending customers a holiday card with a heartfelt, handwritten message.


8: Jolly up your website

Bring some festive cheer to the browsing experience by adding holiday inspired design elements to your website. You could also consider temporarily updating your profile images and cover photos on social media to show your holiday spirit.


9: Host a special event

Why not invite your top customers to an exclusive holiday shopping event? To make them feel extra rewarded, you could offer a special discount or host a giveaway. Don’t forget the food, drinks and music to set the mood for spending!


10: Create a holiday video

The holiday season is a time for festivities, so why not show off your personality by creating a fun holiday video? You could shoot some light-hearted behind the scenes action, showcase your team dressed up in their finest holiday attire, or create a compilation of the year’s funniest Boomerangs. Share the video freely via email and on social media.


It’s never too early to start preparing for the busy holiday season!

Which holiday promotion ideas are you excited to try? Let us know!


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