Is your business ready for the holidays?

Is your business ready for the holidays?

5 simple ways you can wow your customers during this holiday season

The holiday season is almost here, and for most businesses it’s by far the busiest time of year. Don’t let your customer experience suffer! Start thinking now about how you can get prepared — the holidays are a perfect time to impress your customers and make them feel valued. Give yourself a head start, and you’ll be in great shape when things start to get busy.

Make your customers feel special

If you have a retail business or restaurant, invite everyone on your mailing list to an exclusive event with free sampling and one-time-only promotions. You could also run contests on social media, to encourage your followers to get more engaged with your brand.

Convenience is key

Today’s holiday shoppers are busy. Creating gift baskets filled with your products is a simple yet effective upselling opportunity. Also, make sure your gift cards are ready to go: make it as easy as possible for your customers to find them and purchase them.

Train your team

The holiday season isn’t the time to let your standards slide — for some of your customers it might be their first time shopping with you, so you need to impress! Make sure you have the right staffing levels to give quality service, and ensure all your staff are well-trained and know how to deliver an efficient, personalized customer experience.

Keep your customers updated

No-one likes to miss out! Use your website and your social media channels to keep customers in the loop about seasonal opening hours, exclusive holiday products and special promotions.

Say thank you

If you have a service or B2B company, you should let your customers know how much you appreciate them. Sending a custom holiday card, a special gift or a personalized email message is a great way to express your gratitude.
By creating a balance of exclusivity and convenience, you’ll make your customers feel valued and happy to do business with you this holiday season. And that’s not all. If you can ensure great service even during your most hectic time, you’ll build trust and help to increase brand loyalty all year round. Set yourself up for success and make your plan for the holidays now.
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