Why choosing great images can make your Facebook ads a success

When creating Facebook ads, the images used in them are generally the first thing people look at. Even before reading any accompanying text, your potential customers are deciding if your product or service is something they are interested in. Make sure to follow these tips to maximize conversions and lower your cost per click!

Authentic Images vs. Stock Photos

Now that people have got used to seeing ads on their Facebook news feed, they don’t hesitate to scroll past irrelevant or uninteresting content. Authentic is best — try to avoid using stock photography if you can.  Using original images, instead of stock photos, is a great way to attract customers who will be drawn in by the natural feel of your ad.


Use bold colors and contrast to stand out from the rest of the posts that might be in someone’s Facebook feed. Make sure the images you choose aren’t overly complex, but still stand out well. If you are advertising a product, try isolating it on a subtle background to bring maximum visibility.

Strategic Color Schemes

Using certain colors can work to your advantage. For example, bright red can incite a sense of urgency, perfect to highlight a limited-time offer. Blue creates a sense of trust and security, whereas orange conveys friendliness and confidence. Think about what you are trying to communicate and choose your color scheme accordingly.

Happy People

Photos of smiling people tend to perform the best in ad campaigns, as they give us feelings of contentment, happiness and success. Use images where people are looking directly at the camera and smiling. Images of happy women usually perform the best. If the person in your perfect image isn’t making eye contact with the camera, you can use this to your advantage — place text where they are looking, as this is where the viewer’s eye will naturally be drawn.

Funny, Cute or Weird

Make your ad feel less like an ad, and more like entertainment. This is a great way to break the pattern and get people to notice you. People will find it hard to keep scrolling if they see something weird or funny in their news feed that piques their interest.  Also, think about creating something adorable — like children or puppies — that people are likely to want to share with their friends and family. If it matches your branding and it somehow connects with your offer.

Avoid Overused Images

If you don’t have an option and must use stock images, avoid using popular and overused images that you see in your competitor’s ads from stock photography websites. As a rule, as mentioned previously, it’s best to use your own photography or original graphics to bring your ads to life.

Relevant vs. Irrelevant

Beautiful and interesting images attract attention, regardless of their relevance to the product or service. Depending on your industry, people could be overexposed to the types of images that companies normally use. Think outside the box and choose images that will intrigue viewers.

Getting people to notice your Facebook ads is all about being bold and unique. Don’t follow the competition — break the pattern and create something totally awesome and engaging. For more advice on how to make your ads stand out, check out our recent blog on Facebook advertising. If you have questions or need help with your marketing efforts, be sure to connect with us at Different Perspective! Our experts are here to help your company succeed.