Images are often the core of marketing and advertising campaigns. Photographs are increasingly becoming more important when it comes to engaging people. A recent study by Curata, a data management company, shows that web pages with images had 47% more activity than pages without images.

Photos licensed for commercial use are mainly obtained two ways: stock photos and customized images. Stock photos are convenient for any big or small project, especially when time and budget are a concern, however they are not unique. The best option is customized, professionally-taken photography.

So, why are customized photos worth it? Here are three reasons:

• Uniqueness: Stock photos are somewhat generic and we all know a stock photo when we see it – that family with the toothy smiles or the person looking off into the horizon. Customized photos will help you avoid all that. Custom photos really hone in on what makes your company unique. It also allows you to have exclusive licenses to the images, so you can use how you see fit.
• Consistency: Your business has grown in its own unique way, developing its own brand and its own message. Using customized photos will allow you to incorporate the company message and values into photos. And once you have that, the photos can be incorporated into any materials you distribute. Remember, it is easier for people to recognize a company when they can associate a certain image with the company.
• Dedication: Customized photos also create a great first impression. When customers first come across your media, a customized photo emphasizes the company’s originality and dedication to showcasing its services or products provided.

Custom professionally-taken photos have a big impact on marketing materials and websites. They can be more cost-effective than you think, so before you jump in the “I have a friend that has a good camera” wagon or buy a pictures that has been used a million times, contact a professional photographer!

Photos can make all the difference for your marketing materials. A stock photo is budget-friendly and quick, but reflects little about your company. On the other hand, a professional and original photo can be anything the company needs. In the end, it’s important to carefully consider the options.

If your company is in need of striking images that can enhance your marketing communications, contact us. Our team of professional photographers in Orlando can help you achieve the look you are going for.