Web presence pt.3 e-marketing

Web presence pt.3 e-marketing

Last few weeks we learned that a well structured web presence is no longer putting together a template website from an affordable software and hosting company, but a combination of several elements including a professionally designed website, some kind of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and the younger, smarter sister of direct mail, the electronic marketing. Today we will address the role of e-marketing for businesses and what it can do for you.

Well developed designs and valuable content will reach audiences that you wouldn’t without e-marketing. How? It’s simple: if I receive an intelligent, well developed, attractive e-mail addressing a subject that is NOT interesting to me (let’s say “how to check the health of your dog’s teeth”) I might be inclined to forward it to some of my friends that have dogs and want to provide them with proper care. This is not spam, this is not disrespectful sales. This is the nice side of the internet. Position yourself as a trusted source of information, and people will like you.

Email is the most traditional communication of the electronic media. The most conservative public that is not yet fully utilizing social media and reading blogs, utilize email as part of their personal and business communication. Studies say that only 50% of people in the US read blogs, so the goal with email blasts and e-newsletters is to reach the other, most conservative, 50%.

Some of the clients that are showing excellent results with their e-mail campaigns: Tempus Hair Restoration utilizes email blasts and e-newsletters to inform their patients of news, specials and events. It is a way to connect with them, keep their services in mind and position themselves as experts in their field. IBA Express not only uses this strategy with similar goals, but we also developed an email campaign in Brazil where they can reach an international public without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in print media placement there.

It is important to engage people! Building a relevant database of email addresses from clients, prospects, partners and others that are part of your network is a business tool. When asking from email addresses, tell them the benefits of your communication piece and share the frequency you will be sending these emails, most people will participate if you engage them and if they see the benefit.
Stay tuned for the part 4 and last of this blog post series. Next we will be addressing social media and how it changed advertising from a one way street to an interactive and client oriented two-way communication.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information regarding website design, search engine optimization, social media or e-marketing.

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