Why font choice is pivotal to your brand’s success

Why font choice is pivotal to your brand’s success

The right font can help your brand stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace

Font style, size, shape, thickness, and depth all tell an important story.[1] The right font can move your audience to feel how you want them to feel about your brand. It also elicits the tone of voice and overall purpose of the brand. Fonts can ultimately influence the way that we think and read too.
What are the benefits of making a good font choice? And how do you know which font is right for your business? If you struggle with choosing the best fonts to tell your brand’s story, keep reading to learn the best tips to help you decide.

Tone and personality
It’s no secret that fonts seem to have their own personalities. You must make sure that the personality of your fonts matches the personality of your brand. Do you want a font that is the equivalent of a loud and colorful tie-dye shirt or a clean-cut tailored suit?[2]
Think about the font used for a well-known law firm in your area. It most likely uses a traditional font in the serif typeface family. Now imagine if they used a playful handwritten font like ‘Comic Sans’ for their company name and advertising materials. The company’s brand voice would be completely thrown off. You most likely wouldn’t take them as seriously if they used a font like that. This is a great example of how a font can influence how we think and feel about a brand.

How do I know what fonts to use for my business?
There are two common typeface categories that fonts fall under: serif and sans serif.

Serif fonts
serif fonts
A serif typeface or font has small decorative markings at the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol, called a serif. Serif fonts are commonly used for more serious businesses like legal firms and financial services. This is because serif fonts have a more traditional feel. It also means they’re a great choice for print.

Sans serif fonts
sans serif fonts
Sans serif typefaces are composed of minimal simple lines without the “serif” embellishment at the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. They are commonly used for more playful digital companies and businesses that want to portray a crisp, modern vibe.

Don’t be afraid to change
Successful companies are open to updating their fonts and logos over time. A font that worked at the beginning of your business might not translate as well to your audience in the future. It’s important to stay relevant and fresh in a competitive market.
A great example of this is the Pepsi brand. The company font and logo has consistently modernized over time since its inception in 1898.[3]

Design trends change drastically each year, so be open to revisit and update your branding and marketing materials. Thousands of fonts are at our disposal for a reason and they all have a purpose…except for Comic Sans – wink!

At Different Perspective, we choose fonts that are a perfect match to your business personality and purpose. “A business’ font helps build credibility and overall brand recognition. We carefully choose fonts that show that our clients are professionals yet personable, fun yet focused on the task in hand”, says Hugo Azzolini, President of Different Perspective.

Are you ready to stand out from your competitors, establish trust and build customer loyalty? We have over 14 years of experience helping businesses like yours shine with a complete branding package. Want to learn more? You can read about all of the branding services we offer here.  

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