Why having a consistent voice is important for your business, and how to create one

‘Brand voice’ is far from a buzzword. When done right, it sets the correct tone for all of your business communications with prospective and current customers. When you have a strong, consistent brand voice you’re showing your customers that your brand is consistent and reliable, and that every part of the customer experience will be equally good. It plays an incredibly important role in how customers perceive you. It can differentiate your company’s brand from competitors, increase customer satisfaction, and help to build the loyalty that leads to repeat business.

Create your story

Before you begin to define your company’s brand voice, you must first think about the story you want to tell. Your brand story is how your customers learn about you, and how they develop an emotional connection with you. Telling a compelling story is vital to bring your business to life: learn how to do it on our previous blog.

Choose three words to describe you

Once you have your company brand story in place, you need to define the brand voice you will use to continue telling this story. First, listen to how your customers communicate with you — are they formal or informal? Light-hearted or serious? Then, ask everyone in your team to each write down three words that best capture the personality of the voice you want for your brand. Look through them together and decide on the three that work best. Moving forward, make sure that everything you communicate ties in with the words you chose.

Communicate your voice

Now you’ve defined your company’s voice, make sure everyone whose role involves communicating with customers knows how to use it. Consistency is key, so ensure that everyone in your organization knows what you want to say and how you want to say it. To help, you could create a brand guideline checklist for reference.

Revisit often

As your company’s brand story evolves over time and new competitors appear in your market, you must not let your brand voice become stale. Revisit your three keywords often to make sure they’re still in line with what you want to say. If they’re not, repeat the process and find your three new guiding words.

Now you have your company’s brand voice defined, you’re ready to speak to the world! If you need help, the team at Different Perspective is here. We’re experts in bringing brands to life. For more than 14 years, we’ve helped businesses like yours speak effectively to their audience. Want to learn more about our brand identity services and the other ways we can help your business grow? Contact us to get started.


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