Gratitude in 2023: What we’re thankful for this year

Gratitude in 2023: What we’re thankful for this year

The Different Perspective team shares what we are grateful for and what we are looking forward to in 2024

In the spirit of gratitude this November, and with the holiday season on the horizon, the Different Perspective team reflects on the past year and anticipates the opportunities 2024 holds. 

We invite you to join us in delving into the thoughtful reflections of each team member, sharing insights gained from a year marked by exceptional projects, inspiring conversations, and fruitful collaborations. It’s an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of our team and inspire you to embrace gratitude this November!

Jocelyn: This past March, I began strength training at a local gym. I work with an amazing personal trainer, Kayla, and she teaches me a new exercise routine every month. It has been incredibly rewarding to see my progress! I feel stronger, and my formerly noodle arms can now do push-ups and pull-ups.

Tarik:  I learned how to use AI tools to enlarge images, make tweaks, and create elements. I have also deepened my knowledge of branding.

Annabelle: I learned how to use AI tools for images, blog outlines, and content marketing ideas. 

Greg: I’ve become better at recognizing the changing environment in the marketplace. Often, the client needs to be made aware of changing conditions that may impact what they perceive they need.

Priscilla: Leveraging artificial intelligence to help with small tasks, develop outlines, etc. It is not a new skill, but I regained the habit of reading daily and read 13 excellent books in the past five months.

Hugo: I started using and exploring new marketing technology tools that can help us provide even more value to our clients. In marketing, especially digital marketing, we must constantly evolve and learn new things. 

Alberto: I learned to use certain AI tools to assist with animations.

Renato: I improved my skills in Javascript and API language.

Marco: Professionally, I studied vue3 and improved my back-end skills. Personally, I started playing footvolley.

Jocelyn: Hands down, the best moment was being offered a position at the Different Perspective after completing my internship. 

Tarik: As I always say, my best rewarding moments are certainly the results of the projects, seeing brands coming to life, websites going live, and seeing customers satisfied and grateful for our work.

Annabelle: After a successful internship, I started working full-time for DP. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity and the people who make this company such a supportive, motivating, and enjoyable workplace! 

Greg: We have developed a few new products for our clients. Being included in the “think tank” process and making suggestions is always satisfying.

Priscilla: A combination of moments, our client partnerships, and their trust. I love it when our clients introduce us as part of their own team! 

Hugo: Seeing Priscilla receive the “Executive Leadership Luminary Woman of the Year” award.

Alberto: Being part of the team for another year is a blessing in itself. I am proud of all the motion projects we created this year. 

Renato: The moment I realized that, once again, the team believes in my work. We continue to work together, and I am part of DP for another year.

Marco: Undoubtedly, the most rewarding moment is when a great project comes to life. All the planning, effort, and time dedicated make sense. 

Jocelyn: I am most thankful for all of the little things! Living less than thirty minutes from the beach, spending time with family, and having supportive people in my life.

Tarik: I’m lucky to be surrounded by true friends, a caring family, and an incredible work team… and above all, I’m always grateful for my health.

Annabelle: I’m thankful to live with my supportive sister, who has always been my best friend, and my sweet and sassy cat, who brings immense joy to my life every day. 

Greg: I’m thankful for many things in my personal life. Being a grandfather is so much fun! Professionally, I continue to be grateful for the support of the Different Perspective team as I faced some challenges with my mother and her well-being. 

Priscilla: I am most thankful for my family, friends, Maggie (our dog), health, team, business, and travel! 

Hugo: Being in business for 19 years.

Alberto:  I am grateful for my family, my health, and God taking care of every step I take.

Renato: For my family, work, and the opportunities life gives me.

Marco: I am grateful for countless things: my family, our health, our companionship, and our relationship. I am thankful to work with a great team that enjoys what they do.

Jocelyn: I love creating engaging and informative content for all of our clients! Also, working on a fun “pet project” with a fellow intern really got our creative juices flowing.

Tarik: I believe that all of us who love what we do at some point, due to routine, realize that we have already mastered certain tasks and feel ready to take a step further. This happened to me recently, and I see in my work an opportunity to contribute to improving processes, solutions, deliveries, etc.

Annabelle: As a content creator, I enjoy helping DP and our clients thrive! I enjoy creating social media posts and writing blogs. I have also enjoyed designing graphics when creating content; we use excellent platforms that inspire creativity and boost my work efficiency.

Greg: As always, the most enjoyable part of my job is meeting new people with unique challenges and working with them to develop solutions.

Priscilla: The opportunity to visit new places to support a client’s event and take an extra few days to explore. Recently, we went to Queretaro and Mexico City and are heading to Abu Dhabi and Dubai the day after Thanksgiving! 

Hugo: I love it when we reveal a new brand to our clients and see the look on their faces. To see their reaction change from apprehensive to excited when they realize the new possibilities and opportunities that come with a new company branding.

Alberto: The challenges! Challenges always lead me to learn something new and constantly improve.

Renato: To take on more challenging, larger, and more complex jobs.

Marco: New challenges are the key to motivation. They make us seek knowledge and evolve.

Jocelyn: Priscilla has been an excellent mentor, and I value her advice and support. My parents stressed the importance of education and enthusiasm for learning, and I am forever grateful for that.

Tarik: The availability of my friends and family is always incredible. I feel protected, welcomed… but what I have found interesting is getting closer to creative people who are always looking for evolution. This has had a huge impact on the way I look at my work and my behavior… it’s that old saying: “You are a result of the five people you spend the most time with.” I believe that to move forward in life, whether professionally or personally, we need to be in contact with people who seek this evolution.

Annabelle: I’m so grateful for all the people who have supported me and continue to do so today. From my family to mentors and friends, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement and support.

Greg: The entire team has been understanding and supportive this year while I needed to juggle work and personal challenges.

Priscilla: Peers from my local professional community nominated me, and I won the “Executive Leadership Luminary Woman of the Year” award at the Annual Hispanic Heritage Month event at the Citrus Club. I am grateful for their gesture and for encouraging me. 

Hugo: My basketball coach passed away this year. I came to the United States with him for the first time in 1995 to play and eventually moved here in 2000. He opened this door for me and other players by showing us around and encouraging us to see beyond what we knew.

Alberto: For my family’s support, help, and constant affection in wanting to see me well and prosper.

Renato: I am grateful for all the help I received and care during the birth of my daughter.

Marco: I believe we should be grateful for every interaction with anyone. Each person adds something to our lives in a different way. We just need to recognize how.

Jocelyn: I learned to treasure the time I have with my family having dinner together.

Tarik: It sounds cliché but… I have really valued my health and everything I have. This makes me more present in my daily life and pursue my dreams and desires without leaving them for later. If there is something I want, I plan to achieve it because time flies.

Annabelle: I’ve learned not to take the roof over my head or the food in my pantry for granted.

Greg: Being able to watch my sons become men and make decisions for their future.

Priscilla: Technology, safety, and community. Technology allows us to work in a very efficient way. We don’t have to worry about safety (like others do in other cities and countries). I love the communities I am part of: my Orlando Philharmonic community, my Citrus Club community, my Toastmasters community, my Athena NextGen community, and my long-term friendships keep me going! 

Hugo: Watching my garden and fruit trees grow and picking them – along with yelling at squirrels that try to eat them. Ha ha!

Alberto: The simple fact of waking up another day, breathing, and being able to enjoy the life I have.

Renato: Life’s challenges, always learning new things.

Marco: I am a very grateful person. I recognize the value of simple things. A new day is a fresh start, a chance to do things differently than yesterday.

Jocelyn: I am planning a gals trip to Spain in the Summer of 2024. A very ambitious feat! 

Tarik: I plan to take courses that will help me improve my knowledge in visual identity, branding, and especially the strategic vision related to these areas. Furthermore, I will invest in my visual arts projects in general. This will be a very important year for my professional development and will help me contribute even more to DP projects.

Annabelle: I look forward to executing some of my creative endeavors, traveling somewhere new, and making meaningful memories with loved ones!

Greg: My son is getting married in April. It seems like only yesterday he was born.

Priscilla: Celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and our business’s 20th anniversary! 

Hugo: Celebrating both our wedding and Different Perspective’s 20th anniversaries! 

Alberto: I believe 2024 will be a year full of blessings, prosperity, and peace in my life and my family, where everything will continue to fall into place. 

Renato: I hope for good health, much professional growth, prosperity, success for all of us, and peace in the world.

Marco: Health, happiness, and hope for a better world for all. Professionally, I hope it will be a year of growth and learning—many challenges and achievements.

Sharing our heartfelt gratitude!

A big thank you to our fantastic clients and remarkable partners with whom we’ve had the privilege of collaborating this year. We anticipate being part of your ongoing success in 2024 and beyond!

We’re also thankful for the chance to contribute to our beloved local nonprofits through volunteer efforts and pro-bono work.

A special acknowledgment to Team DP for their dedication, talent, and passion. It’s their hard work that consistently propels our clients’ businesses to new heights.

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