Our company naming process, explained

Our company naming process, explained

Learn how we dive deep to develop the perfect name for your business

What’s in a business name? A lot, it turns out.

Your company name might just be the most important piece of the marketing puzzle.

Over our 15+ years in business, we’ve worked with many companies (both large and small) to help them stand out from the sea of competition with a brand new company name or new product name.

The most striking thing we’ve noticed is that it’s not just new companies who come to us in search of a new name. We’ve also helped international businesses whose existing name didn’t translate well to the American market, as well as established national companies struggling to stand out because their current name was simply too generic.

Keep reading to learn how we apply our “Different Perspective” to develop the perfect name for businesses across Central Florida and beyond.

Our proven company naming process

company naming-01

Step 1: Discovery

The first step of our company naming process is to really get to know you. You’re invited to a Discovery Meeting, where we dive deep into why you created your business, how your business works, who your target audience is, and what your main business objectives and aspirations are.

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Step 2: Competition analysis

Next, we conduct thorough research into what makes your competitors tick—to help us learn the best way for you to differentiate yourself.

We work first with the competitor list you give us, then use our in-depth research skills to identify others in similar industries that you can learn from. We analyze their brand visuals and messaging, their website, and their social media platforms, and then present our findings to you.

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Step 3: Brand story

Before we start developing new names for your business, we begin by building your brand story. This brand story is a compelling narrative that distills everything that makes your company unique: your history, your mission, and your vision for the future. 

Why do we start here? We firmly believe that the right brand story is the foundation on which all of your marketing should be built—your new name included.

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Step 4: Brainstorm

Now it’s time for our creative juices to really start flowing! Every member of the Different Perspective team, from Content Creator to Graphic Designer to Director of Communications and everyone in between, gets involved. We each review the competition analysis and immerse ourselves in your new brand story to come up with a list of name suggestions.

After everyone has presented their names at an internal brainstorming session, we work together to discuss the pros and cons of each of them. We then create a shortlist of potential new names for your company.

company naming-05

Step 5: Research

Once we have our shortlist of names, we conduct detailed research into name availability with Florida’s Division of Corporations and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We also look at website domain availability and social media handle availability.

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Step 6: Presentation

Now for the really exciting part! We present your brand story, along with 1–3 names that we believe fully represent your business, your goals and your ambitions. We then help you evaluate the options before mutually agreeing on your new company name!

Our recent company naming success stories

company naming-07-dam good chocolate

The DAM Good Chocolate Company

Having already operated a successful chocolate business in their home country of Brazil, this family team were in the process of finding their feet in the United States.

From our discussions, it became clear that U.S. customers were struggling with the existing name of La Chocolaterie. And so, the DAM Good Chocolate Company was born! The new name embodies their inventiveness and playful personality, whilst also clearly stating the purpose of the business.

company naming-08-neverblue IT

NeverBlue IT

Innovative Network Solutions came to us looking for a new identity to elevate the Florida offshoot of their already successful Michigan-based IT company.

The new name NeverBlue IT marks a clear departure from the typically jargon-heavy names that are prevalent in the business IT industry. Inspired by their people-first approach, the new company name focuses on how they make their clients feel, rather than simply explaining what they do. 

company naming-08-neverblue IT

Rental Heroes

The team behind National Condominium Management were seeking a new name that would help them stand out in the highly competitive Florida property management market.

Inspired by their commitment to personal service, transparent pricing, and international investment expertise, Rental Heroes was the natural choice. We’re excited to launch their brand new website soon!

Ready for a new company name?

We are pleased to offer our company naming service as part of our business branding package. Contact us to get started.

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