How Social Media Can Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business

How Social Media Can Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business

Why You Should Get Started with Social Media Today

Most of us use social media every day, to keep up to date with friends and see what’s happening in the world. While social media is certainly fun and engaging on a personal level, using it for your real estate business can completely revolutionize your firm.
There are huge benefits to investing the time setting up social media for your business. You can connect and engage directly with prospective customers, deepen relationships with existing clients and partners, and be in a position to respond quickly to questions and problems. Social media is also great for reaching potential customers with targeted marketing, paid advertising and boosted posts.
Keep reading to help you demystify social media for your real estate business. By understanding which platforms are right for you, you can easily boost your online presence and start reaching existing and new customers.
1. What do you want to achieve? Set some business objectives for your social media campaign, and you will quickly be able to see if your efforts are paying off.
2. Think how you want to be perceived It’s a good idea to decide what style of ‘brand voice’ you want to use to engage with your customers online. Do you want to be serious and business-focused, or does your real estate firm lend itself more towards a lighter tone? You do not need to throw your professionalism out of the window, but social media is a great place to show off your business’s personality a little more.
3. You don’t need to be everywhere Choose which social platforms will be the most suitable for your business needs and focus on those to start. See below for a helpful rundown of what works best where.
4. Check out the competition Before you begin, take a look at the social media offerings of your competitors, as well as that of companies you admire. Take note of what works well and what could be improved. This will help you get a better idea of what content you should be posting for your real estate business.
5. Consistency and Quality are Key Make it easy for your customers to find you, by using the same business name and logo everywhere online. Follow guidelines for image sizes and resolutions, as these vary from platform to platform, and always try to always use high-quality images. Good spelling and grammar are also very important.

 The most popular social media platforms:

Facebook has a huge user base with more than 1.8 billion monthly users, and is best for consumer-oriented products and services – so it is perfect for your real estate business! Try sharing content such as behind the scenes photos and success stories. You can also use paid advertising and boosted posts to reach highly targeted prospects.
Twitter is great for sharing short snippets of information. Links to interesting articles on your website or elsewhere would work well. It’s good to include a photo with each post to make them stand out in your followers’ timeline.
LinkedIn is good for establishing strong business-to-business relations. Articles about business practices and professional matters work best here.
Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for promoting products and services with a strong visual component. Try sharing photos of your happy customers after closing!

See How You’re Doing:

Once you have everything in place, you should start to track customer engagement. This is important to see the impact and reach of your social media efforts. It can be as simple as a spreadsheet where you log how many ‘likes’ each post receives, or something more complex. For more sophisticated tracking options you can use Google Analytics, which provides fully customizable insight into your followers.
Setting up social media for your real estate firm will be straightforward with these helpful tips to get you started. By boosting your online presence you will start engaging with a huge new audience, to help revolutionize your real estate business!
Don’t have the time to do it all? We offer social media set-up, management, and engagement tracking – contact us today!

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