Want a Strong Logo? Follow These 3 Tips

Want a Strong Logo? Follow These 3 Tips

How can a strong logo make a difference for your business?

Your logo is the face of your branding, it should be designed right the first time. Your business deserves a strong logo, it will build credibility and brand recognition. Below are some ideas that you may not have thought of when it comes to logo design:
Be Memorable
Before we start designing a logo, we take a look at logos in the same industry. At a first glance, there are 1-3 concepts that everyone uses to describe each industry (i.e. visual cliches). Take a look at the catering logos below. Can you see the repetition? This industry generally uses either a chef’s hat, someone holding a platter, or silverware in a circle. Avoid using a cliche logo mark. Stand out from the sea of chef hats. Not only does this separate you from competition, it makes your business memorable.
Don’t Neglect Typography
Choosing a font and typing something out doesn’t make it a logotype (even when it’s paired with a cool logo mark). Anyone can choose a font and type; this isn’t designing a logo. Every logo we design is personal and customized. Possible tweaks include rounding the corners of letters, changing the shape or weight, connecting letters or creating new letters. These tweaks make the typography interesting, unique and improve visual balance.

Keep it Simple
The main purpose of a strong logo is to be instantly recognizable. If the design is too detailed, then everything will start to blend together at smaller sizes. Keep enough breathing room between elements, and avoid thin lines. Simple, bold shapes with plenty of space around are usually your best bet. Examples of simple yet effective logos include the McDonald’s arches, the Apple logo and the Nike swoosh.

Being 13 years in the business, we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about good logo design. We would love the opportunity to help you with your custom logo design, brand story, creative marketing materials, strategic marketing, and amazing website! Learn more by contacting us here.

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