The Secret To Engaging Your Customers

What do you think of when you hear the word blog? Some Midwestern hipster writing about his eccentric taste in music? Perhaps a well-read teenage girl who’s out to set the world on fire with her strongly worded opinions? Although this may not be completely inaccurate, it’s important to understand that blogs are not simply for personal use. They are useful tools to any business, regardless of the industry.

So how can a blog benefit you as a business? Well to put it all in perspective (pun intended!), this blog that you’re reading right now is benefiting Different Perspective by informing you on a service that we provide, and why your website may need it. Whatever your business may do, having a blog that clears up any misinterpretations or questions about your services/products may be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential client comes to you. Also, you can refer to your own blogs while communicating with curious customers. This saves you time, energy and will have a positive impact on the way the customer perceives your business (“Wow! They write these useful articles pertaining to their industry, they must be experts! I’ll come back here when I need more information”).

Another benefit of writing blogs is boosting traffic to your website! Consistently creating new content on your website through blogs improve your search engine ranking, increasing the chances of potential customers finding you online. Additionally, blogs also help bring active customers back to your site even though they may have seen it a dozen times before. Sharing your blogs on social media is an easy way to keep your product or services in the mind of your readers, and direct them from your blog to the rest of your website.

Writing an effective blog post requires a plethora of research, a knack for digital imaging, and an instinct for keywords and phrases. You may think keeping a blog is a trivial task that you just don’t have the time for. But before you put it at the bottom of your priority list, give the responsibility to someone who will put it at the top of theirs! At Different Perspective, we don’t just design your brand image, we provide you the support you need to maintain the growth of your business.
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