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When was the last time you took a step back from your business to look at how things are going?

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s all too easy to spend so much time working IN your business that you forget to also spend time working ON the business.

Taking stock of how your company’s marketing strategies are performing is essential. Now is the perfect time to analyze what has been working, what didn’t work, and to devise the new strategies you’ll implement moving forward. It’s worth it — you’ll give your business all it needs to thrive and grow.

Our free marketing audit checklist can help! We’ve divided it into three sections: Branding and Design, Website, and Marketing.


Get your downloadable version of our Marketing Audit Checklist here.

Feel free to print it out and use it for reference to help you keep your marketing efforts on track.


Branding and Design Audit Checklist

– Is my logo up to date and relevant? Does it represent my company today?

– Is my company story being effectively told?

– Does my ‘brand voice’ effectively talk to my target audience?

– Are my marketing materials up to date?

– Are my marketing and corporate communications materials consistent with my business identity, and immediately recognizable as belonging to my business?

– Does my sales team have everything they need to effectively sell my company’s products and services?

– Are my referral partners equipped with what they need to send me clients?

– Am I participating in conferences and tradeshows? If yes, do I have all the marketing materials I need to stand out?

– What unique selling propositions help me stand out in my marketplace?

– Is my corporate or brand image consistent with my product or service, in the eyes of my customers?

– Do I actively manage my brand, product or corporate identity?


Website Audit Checklist

– Is my company website design up to date and relevant? Does it represent my company today?

– Is my website content and contact information up to date?

– Can prospective clients easily find the information they are looking for?

– Does it include my most recent services and products?

– Do I know what I want prospective clients to do when they visit my website? Does the website have clear CTAs (call to actions)?

– Do I have up-to-date pictures of my office or team members on my website?

– Is my company website responsive? Is it optimized to fit all screen sizes including tablets and phones? Does it work across different browsers?

– Do I have links to my company’s social media pages on my website?

– Do I have a blog on my website? If yes, do I frequently publish blogs that are high quality and relevant to my customers?

– Does my website have a backend content management system that allows me to update text and image without outside help?

– Is Google Analytics installed on my website? Do I have access?


Marketing Audit Checklist

– Do I have a digital marketing strategy? Does it work?

– How much did I invest in marketing in the past 12 months?

– Did I keep track of the results?

– Do I feel I am getting value from my marketing budgets?

– Does my company have a social media presence? Is the information up to date?

– Is there relevant and consistent content being shared on my company’s social media channels?

– Am I responding to inquiries and interacting with people that liked or follow my pages? Are they engaging with my business?

– Is my social media marketing strategy generating leads?

– Is my company information up-to-date on all online listings like Google, Bing, Yelp, etc.?

– Is my website generating leads?

– Are people finding me on Google and other search engines?

– Do I know where my business gets most of its leads?

– Do I have a referral or loyalty program in place?

– Do I have a content strategy? Is my company producing and sharing articles, blogs, videos, case studies, eBooks, etc?

– Do I have an email marketing strategy? Do I have a method of collecting emails to fill my subscriber list?

– Do I need more leads and customers coming to me via the web? Have I tried pay-per-click campaigns or social media advertising?


Get your downloadable version of the checklist here.


Hit the ground running by identifying where you need to make improvements to your marketing strategy. Now is a great time to take a fresh look at your business and put new ideas into action.


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