Dispel those common myths and learn why having a website for your company is a great idea

In our previous blog, we explored some of the reasons why you might be reluctant to invest in a website for your business. A good website is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition, and it will help expand your footprint beyond your physical location — think of your website as your 24/7 online office. Keep reading to explore some more reasons that might be holding you back, and why it’s probably time you took the plunge.

I can’t compete with the big guys

In any industry, there are companies that are so big they seem untouchable. Instead of feeling intimidated at the thought of trying to compete with them, change your perspective and focus on other opportunities. Even if you can’t become number one, you can still gain the upper hand over your smaller competitors with a well-designed website. Use your About Us page to show what sets you apart from the competition, by highlighting the advantage you have over the other guys.

I don’t know what  I would write on my website

This is where a great marketing agency that provides web design and copywriting services comes in! As well as building the structure of your website, they will help you create engaging content that will tell the story of your business. Before beginning, they will learn everything about your company, so they are able to decide the best way to explain and promote your services. Testimonials are another simple way to generate content for your website – ask your customers to write reviews and they will help to tell your story for you.

I already have enough business

Don’t rest on your laurels – your business can always benefit from extra customers! You don’t know how many sales and opportunities you might have lost simply through not having a website. Depending on your industry or product, just one more new customer could cover the entire cost of building a website!

In my industry, I don’t want to put things in writing

If your business is referral-based or heavily regulated by the state, you may be reluctant to mention specific rates or returns, for fear of getting in trouble for misleading advertising. Use your website instead to allow customers to get a general feel for your company, and encourage them to contact you to find out more.

I am worried it will soon look out of date

Technology is always changing, and with change comes challenges for any website. A great way to future-proof is to have a responsive website, which will seamlessly adapt to changing screen sizes. Keeping the design and color choices simple is essential – this way it will be much harder for your site to look outdated. We design fully responsive websites with a content management system built in, so you can easily change text and images to freshen things up without having to frequently redesign.

Were we able to cover all of your questions and concerns? At Different Perspective, we have years of experience designing effective and professional websites – from restaurants to law firms, from orchestras to e-commerce. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our latest projects. No matter what the nature or scale of your business, we are ready to help you reach more customers! Contact us today to get started.