SEO Case Study: Helping Orlando’s leading hyperbaric center reach more patients

SEO Case Study: Helping Orlando’s leading hyperbaric center reach more patients

Learn how we refreshed high-performing content to boost search visibility and website traffic


Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center


By refreshing high-performing content, we were able to:

  • Help our client gain the Featured Snippet spot in Google search results for two key search terms
  • Increase their search visibility
  • Improve their click-through rate, and
  • Reduce their bounce rate.

The details:

SEO case study-hyperbaric oxygen therapy after liposuction
SEO case study-hbot after plastic surgery

Over the summer, news reports of a boom in plastic surgery procedures began to emerge. This was spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, with many realizing they could recover from their cosmetic procedures while continuing to work from home. [1]

When we analyzed our Google search reports, we indeed noticed an increase in people searching for plastic surgery-related terms. We also began to notice more people searching for treatments that would help them recover from their surgery quicker and less painfully.

Seeing an opportunity for our client, Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, we identified two important search terms that were on the rise — hyperbaric oxygen therapy after liposuction and HBOT after plastic surgery — and strategized different content marketing approaches.

Digging into the data, we noticed that Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center had a blog from 2018 that already got good traffic from these search terms. Rather than creating new content that would compete for this traffic, we decided to refresh the existing blog to add more keywords, draw more attention to the great video, and to add links to related blogs.

Before, the blog appeared around position #10, at the bottom of the first page of search results. After refreshing and republishing the blog, we almost immediately observed a jump in traffic from Google search.

We were also happy to see that the blog has begun to show as the Featured Snippet in search results for our target terms:

The Featured Snippet is also known as Position #0, because it appears in a big box above everything else on the Google search page. Attaining this coveted position helps website content stand out prominently in search results, meaning people will be much more likely to click — hence the jump in traffic.

We were delighted to have secured this SEO success for our client! If you’d like to learn more about Hyperbaric Healing Treatment Center, please visit their website at

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