The best B2B marketing audit checklist [+Template] to level-up your efforts

The best B2B marketing audit checklist [+Template] to level-up your efforts

Assess the state of your marketing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement

Whether you’re a part of the 56% of business-to-business (B2B) organizations that have an in-house marketing team or the 44% that outsourced some level of their marketing efforts, it’s vital that you take the time to audit your marketing initiatives to create an integrated marketing strategy for your company. [1]

What is the purpose of a B2B marketing audit?

The goal of a B2B marketing audit is to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and capabilities that lie within your company’s marketing strategy. 

It’s a common misconception that a marketing audit is an in-depth, exhaustive analysis of a business’s marketing function. In reality, a successful B2B marketing audit can be conducted with easily accessible information from your company that is then developed into an actionable report. 

Conducting a marketing audit is a great way to analyze the allocation of your marketing budget, ensure you’re catering to the complex needs of each of your audiences, and streamline processes to increase efficiency. 

How often should a B2B marketing audit be conducted?  

The frequency with which you conduct a marketing audit should be agreed upon internally, but depends on your unique business profile. For example, a large B2B company may need to conduct one every six to 12 months for stakeholder reports, but a smaller B2B organization may only need to conduct one on an as needed basis depending on business growth. 

Continue reading to learn the questions you need to ask in your marketing audit to discover what your B2B company needs to do to continue to thrive and grow—plus get your downloadable version of the checklist to use as needed!

Branding & Design: It's more than the looks

Branding and Design

  • Is my logo up to date and relevant? Does it represent my company today?
  • Is my company story told effectively to our buyers? 
  • Do I have a clear vision, mission and value statements for my company? 
  • Does my ‘brand voice’ effectively talk to my target audience?
  • Are my marketing materials up to date?
  • Are my marketing and corporate communications materials consistent with my business identity, and immediately recognizable as belonging to my business?
  • Is my corporate or brand image consistent with my product or service in the eyes of my target buyers?
  • Do I actively manage my brand, product or corporate identity?
  • Is now a good time for me to reposition my company’s brand?
  • What brand strategies are used to increase awareness in my industry and expand our visibility?

Website: Your 24/7 company presence and online reputation


  • Is my company website design up to date and relevant? Does it represent my company today?
  • Is my website content and contact information up to date?
  • Can prospective clients easily find the information they are looking for?
  • Does it include my most recent services and products?
  • Do I know what I want prospective clients to do when they visit my website?
  • Does the website have clear CTAs (call to actions)?
  • Do I have up-to-date pictures of my office or team members on my website?
  • Is there any social proof, client testimonials, or success stories on my website?
  • Is my company website responsive? Is it optimized to fit all screen sizes including tablets and phones? Does it work across different browsers?
  • Do I have links to my company’s social media pages on my website?
  • Do I have a blog on my website? If so, do I frequently publish blog posts that add value to my visitors?
  • Does my website have a backend content management system that allows me to update text and images without outside help?
  • Is GA4 installed on my website? Do I have access?
  • Is my website generating leads?
  • What are my website’s most visited pages and what are the conversions on those pages? 
  • Is my website secure?
  • Does my website load within a couple of seconds?
  • Did my business outgrow my template website?

Digital Marketing Strategy: The driving force for your lead generation

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Do I have a digital marketing strategy? If so, is it working effectively?
  • How much did I invest in digital marketing in the past 12 months?
  • Did I keep track of the results? Are there any gaps in the strategy? What’s working well that I can expand upon?
  • Do I have a content strategy? Is my company producing and sharing online articles, blogs, videos, case studies, eBooks, etc?
  • Do I have an email marketing strategy? Do I have a method of collecting emails to fill my subscriber list?
  • Do I need more online leads? Have I tried pay-per-click campaigns or social media advertising as part of my marketing campaigns?
  • Are people finding me on Google and other search engines?
  • What is my company’s keyword strategy? 
  • Does my company have a social media presence? Is the information up to date?
  • Is there relevant and consistent content being shared on my company’s social media channels?
  • Am I responding to inquiries and interacting with people that like or follow my pages? Are they engaging with my business?
  • Is my company information up-to-date on all online listings like Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, etc.?
  • Does my business have online reviews? How’s my online reputation
  • Can people find my business online when looking for the type of service or product I offer?
  • Are our B2B marketing personas still accurate? How should they be changed? 
  • Are competitors excelling in an arena that I haven’t tried?
  • What emerging industry trends will affect my business—and marketing efforts—in the next five years?

Sales: The piece of the puzzle that turns a prospect into a lead


  • Does my sales team have everything they need to effectively sell my company’s products and services?
  • Are my referral partners equipped with what they need to send me clients?
  • Am I participating in conferences and tradeshows? If so, do I have all the marketing materials I need to stand out?
  • What USPs (unique selling propositions) help me stand out in my marketplace?
  • Do I know what channels or campaigns are driving the most leads?
  • What is my lead quality like?
  • How long does it take to convert a lead? How long after a lead is generated is the contract signed?  
  • How many new clients are taken on / deals are completed each year? Of those deals, what percentage is our ideal client profile? 
  • What do new clients like about our services? 
  • What roadblocks are we faced with converting leads? 
  • Do I have a referral or loyalty program in place?
  • How fast are leads being answered?

Still have marketing audit questions? 

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Jennifer Bennett is the owner at Bennett Insurance and Employee Benefits


1: Statista | Share of B2B companies who have dedicated in-house marketing teams in the United States in 2020

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